There are a lot of legends about cannabis in Eugene, OR

Even before marijuana use had been decriminalized, Oregon was a hot spot for the finest blends in the world; Part of the reason for that is the incredible scenery up here, millions of acres of thick, dense forests, then oregon is logging country, and all those hundreds of miles of dirty logging roads breaking through the belly of the woods makes for a lot of places to hide out and grow pot.

After the draft for the Vietnam war ramped up, a lot of the hippies and pot growers from CA, and other states, fled to Oregon, and their strains are still being smoked today… I live in Eugene, Oregon these mornings, and every time I go to a dispensary I feel love I get a history lesson.

It seems that every seasoned timer local pothead knows one of the forerunners for new medicinal cannabis use in the world. None of these seasoned timers can prove anything, of course, however they have been in Eugene for a long time, no one can dispute that. The local legends in Eugene say that this was the birthplace of the new day THC levels in cannabis, then back in the Summer of Love, the 60s and 69s, cannabis was everywhere, however it was entirely weak as to what every one of us are used to today. The cannabis experts in and around Eugene, Oregon were some of the first to streamline the cannabis strains and make them more and more powerful. Maybe a lot of this is just loose talk from seasoned time Eugene potheads, however sure makes for an interesting story.

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