A very fun ski trip in Whitby

We opened a bottle of wine and ate cannabis chocolates

My wife and I frequently go on mini trips just to see a new area and do fun stuff. This year my wife had it in her head that she wanted to go skiing. Rather than stick to the United States she had us go to Canada. Since we live in upstate New York the drive wasn’t that far or awful. We ended up choosing Whitby Canada, which is a bit outside of Toronto. Ski Dagmer and Ski Lakeridge are both right next door to each other. There are tons of slopes to ski on, snow tubing and snowboarding available. My wife and I bought special ski gear, winter gear and rented a place to stay while we skied. We planned a long weekend to do various winter activities. Well the two of us did one day of skiing and a half day of snowboarding and tubing. The cold just got to be too much for us. We hung out in the lodge for a long time, drinking hot chocolate and playing cards. Then one day we went into town and started looking at the local businesses. We found that there is legal pot there. We could go into a cannabis dispensary and have access to recreational cannabis. The two of us stocked up on edibles and took them back to our room. We opened a bottle of wine and ate cannabis chocolates. It actually was a very fun evening. The two of us enjoyed being a little boozy and stoned together. It probably was my favorite day of the entire trip.


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