I am not crazy living here

My friends thought I was crazy when I went to Glenview, Illinois.

What is there to do there? Well, not too much.

There are some historic barns, greenhouses and quite a few hiking trails. As far as professional sporting teams, I need to drive 30-40 minutes into Chicago to partake in that. I really like the seclusion and quiet. A lot of people were shocked when they realized how cold the weather gets. Half the year my weather is in the 30 degree range. When summer arrives it doesn’t get much warmer than 80 degrees. Due to this, I save money on not owning a cooling system. I have overhead fans in the bedrooms and a box fan I keep in the attic. Other than that, we are heating all the way. I invested in a boiler system and hooked it up to do baseboard heating. It is really nice that all the rooms are evenly heated through a reliable system. A boiler is like a tank. It is big, bulky and ugly. However, a boiler system requires no love or care. You don’t really need to call a HVAC serviceman for maintenance. The boler will just keep on running without much work from the homeowner. Typical heating systems last 15-20 years with avid care. A boiler system can last 50 years without very much attention. If replacement parts are still made for your model, you can have a boiler live as long as 80 years. Isn’t that amazing? It is possible my boiler system will outlive me in my little home.
home central air conditioning system Glenview Illinois