Lansing, IL gets so cold that you have to service your heater

My siblings as well as I grew up in IL, in a small neighborhood called Lansing, and lansing is about an hour outside of Chicago as well as in Cook County… One of the reasons why my siblings as well as I grew up in Lansing, is due to the fact that our dad was a pilot for a large as well as well known airline… The Chicago airport was his home base, then it was too expensive to live in the city, so my parents found a venue in Lansing, however my dad spent most of his time flying all around the world as well as it was just my siblings as well as I as well as our mom! She spent a lot of time with us after school as well as constantly made sure that every one of us did our homework as well as study. I went to school after High School as well as acquired a degree in business. I started toiling for an accounting firm in Lansing. I’ve been here a long time as well as I really find the area to be genuinely peaceful as well as relaxing. The only time I regret residing in Lansing is during the months of December as well as February. It can be extremely frigid during these months as well as there is often snowfall or freezing precipitation. I had a complication with the gas furnace last year as well as I spent a luck to replace the heating components. I had to contact an emergency furnace repair repair in Lansing to have the system repair in the middle of the night. It was in the single digits as well as I did not have any wood for the fireplace, but even though it was a luck to contact the emergency furnace repair repair in Lansing, it was worth every penny to get the system operating again.


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