Driving around getting stoned in Las Vegas

It’s the best adult playground in America, and I get to experience it without my kids! I would still be excited about going to visit Las Vegas again, because it has been a few years, but it is much more exciting to be able to roam freely without being hindered by the presence of my three young children.

I love being a single dad, but I also love having a break sometimes.

My older sister Grace lives in the Las Vegas area of Nevada, and so I can stay with her, and leave my kids there while I go hit the casinos and paint the town red.I took an Uber to one of the most famous cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas, and bought just enough to get blazed out of my brain that night. I didn’t want to have any marijuana left by the time I returned to Grace’s house, so I just got a few grams. Las Vegas is a very cannabis-friendly town, but you still can’t just walk down the street smoking it. I had been told of a local driving service, like Uber, that was cannabis friendly, so I called them up to drive me around LasVegas that night. I hit two casinos, and then the cannabis-friendly Uber driver took me to an off-brand casino, deeper into the “real” Las Vegas, and I had a better time out there. At the end of the night I felt like I had an authentic Las Vegas experience, only without any trouble, so I tipped my driver the remainder of my cannabis.

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