Edibles taste good, but they can be expensive

One of the most expensive cannabis products on the market is Edibles.

Edibles are edible marijuana treats that can be consumed orally.

Edibles include a number of products like candy, chocolate, gummies, tinctures, and drinks. The marijuana dispensary in downtown Denver, Colorado, has a very large selection of edible products. It is the one Denver place where I can find elixirs and tinctures. All of the edible cannabis products are rather expensive. A bag of gummy candies can cost about $25 for 100 mg of THC. Even the cheaper edible cannabis products are still around 15 or $20 for 100 mg of THC. I can get a whole gram of cannabis concentrate for the same price and it will have almost 1,000 mg of THC. Since edibles taste better, companies can charge an outrageous fee for the products. One of my favorite edible products is from a company that only makes cookies. The company has several different products on the shelf at the Denver dispensary. The cookies come in a variety of flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, Snickerdoodle, and birthday cake. Each one of the cookies only has 10 mg of THC. For someone like me, it would easily take an entire bag to feel the effects from marijuana. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I don’t buy a lot of Edibles. My tolerance for marijuana is extremely high. Edible marijuana products are made for consumers that have a very low tolerance. I would need something with a much higher THC content if I planned to get high on Edibles alone.


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