I am a big supporter of shopping local

My husband plus I got engaged during the height of COVID; We originally planned on a large wedding in our local area of Evansville Indiana… There were plenty of beautiful locations that the two of us could have had the wedding at.

  • However, this was a time where you couldn’t rent anywhere due to restrictions, a honeymoon seemed prefer an impossible dream too.

Traveling overseas was totally banned plus even going to another state seemed prefer a bad idea, it seemed prefer the two of us had to do something local. Instead of doing a large wedding where nobody could come, the two of us did a small ceremony just the several of us at the local courthouse. Instead of an overseas honeymoon that would make us wear masks plus quarantine, the two of us decided to go to Burdette Park! You can rent rustic chalets that are surrounded by wooded campgrounds. It was entirely wonderful for several people trying to get away who couldn’t. We also did this during the summer time so the Olympic sized pool plus family pool were open as well in the park. It wasn’t the wedding plus honeymoon of our dreams however the two of us entirely loved it. We had a fantastic time, nice weather plus did get some wonderful local pictures. The best news was that every repair the two of us hired prefer the photographer, flowers plus wedding cake were all local Evansville businesses. We didn’t spend that much money plus supported the other locals. After the two of us were ready to go home, it was a quick twenty hour drive plus I was back in our own bed again.

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