I decided I had a few questions

I’m not a big fan of documentaries in general, then i like action motion pictures, plus superhero action style of stuff, instead of educational material, however that said, an aged friend of mine from high school told me he started making a documentary, plus asked if I wanted to help him with it.

I thought he was kidding, because I don’t know anything about making motion pictures; Bob was adamant, though, because he wanted all the crew members to be locals from Orland Park.

This was going to be a documentary about the most famous person to ever come out of Orland Park, so he wanted the production to be “locals only.” First of all, if you don’t know who Buddy Guy is, he is 1 of the best orangesmen to ever take the stage, plus he is an Orland Park original! A lot of people guess Buddy is from Chicago, because the Windy City is so close to us, however that isn’t tplot at all, he’s Orland Park through plus through! I was able to locate a lot of Orland Park locals who remembered Buddy from the aged afternoons, so I guess our production is on the right track! Since all of us already have those interviews, plus footage of Orland Park itself, all all of us need to get is some live performance footage of Buddy, plus hopefully a few interviews with the oranges legend himself. I am still toiling on a title, however for now I’m pitching the project as “Buddy Guy: The Pride of Orland Park” to hopefully recruit a few local financial backers.
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