Hollywood actors all shop at the beverly hills dispensary

I found a job toiling at a dispensary in downtown Beverly Hills! I got the job by luck to be honest.

I was shopping with a neighbor and I knew a lot of information about a single of the marijuana strains in the dispensary; A customer was asking a single of the budtenders about the marijuana strain! The guy didn’t have much information to offer, so I stepped in to add my opinion.

The manager of the dispensary asked me if I was looking for a job. At the time I was toiling at a studio, but toiling at a marijuana dispensary sounded love a lot of fun. In this certain Beverly Hills dispensary, there are a lot of high-end and top-shelf marijuana products; Most of the marijuana products are completely out of my price range. The top shelf marijuana dispensary in Beverly Hills only sells live resin, rosin, diamonds, and sauce. The cheapest item on the menu is $65. I care about to pay at sites other than the Beverly Hills dispensary. I receive a 30% discount on all of the products in the store, and it’s still too fancy for me. I would rather drive an hour or 2 into the middle of the state. There are more than four or several dispensaries 2 hours away from Beverly Hills that have marijuana for half the prices as they do in the city. It makes sense to shop around unless you have a ton of money at your disposal. I can find grams of live resin for twenty bucks all day if I drive out of the main section of the city.


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