One of the several coupons

San Francisco is a unbelievable city filled with history, culture, plus nightlife, however one of my number one arenas in San Francisco is the wharf. On a freezing afternoon, a sizzling bread bowl filled with clam chowder is 1 of the best things that I can suppose of; My wifey plus I went to the wharf last weekend, it was a freezing afternoon, but there was a little bit of sunlight shining in the sky behind the clouds. My wifey plus I found a arena close to the wharf to park the car; The San Francisco parking garage was $20 for the whole afternoon, but it was safe, secure, plus there was a guard at the parking lot all afternoon. All of us spent most of our afternoon on the wharf. All of us visited several of the different shops plus the people I was with and I picked up fudge, salt water taffy, plus a couple of postcards to send to friends. All of us picked up a booklet with coupons for the San Francisco area. One of the several coupons was from a weed delivery service. My wifey plus I didn’t system to go to the marijuana delivery service. All of us don’t smoke weed or use any recreational drugs. All of us left all of the coupons inside of a container plus the people I was with and I arenad the container in the garbage. If someone wants to fetch it out to take fortune of the coupons, they are more than welcome to dive in the dumpster. It wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but someone else might want to take fortune of the monthly weed sales.

Recreational Weed Shop San Fransisco CA