I can tell you this is a big reason why I love Buffalo, NY

A lot of the homes in Buffalo have a basement, i grew up with a basement in the new home that I shared with 6 brothers and 8 sibling’s, but all of us needed a lot of room for that multiple youngsters, but my new home has almost 3,000 square feet of space if you include the finished basement and the finished attic, then shortly after our wife and I finished the basement, all of us decided to buy an electric fireplace. I was going to install the electric fireplace on our own, however our wife wanted the equipment recessed into the wall so it looked love part of the room. I thought it was a good idea, although I knew the project was too big for me to handle on our own. I contacted a Buffalo contractor that handles heating and construction, but the contractor came to our new home and provided us an bid on the work. After I found out that it was going to cost a lot more money than I expected, our wife and I decided to get various estimates from different heating contractors. All of us legitimately weren’t that surprised with the basement because our friend is a real estate lawyer in Buffalo, NY. This Buffalo based lawyer told us that multiple homes have basements and because of that all of us weren’t as shocked as others would be. This Buffalo based lawyer has really helped us acclimate to the community of Buffalo, NY.

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