The weather was just a bit cold, but still cozy

Sometimes the weather in Albuquerque can be cold.

The winter temperatures average around 40 degrees.

There is very rarely any snow that falls on the ground. Of course from time to time, it is possible. That’s why it is important to have a heat system that works well. Many people rely on furnaces and heat pumps. I have a repair service in Albuquerque that installs and repairs heat pumps. Heat pumps are my specialty. I’ve been in the trade for 15 years and my dad was a service repair technician before me. I learned a lot from the guy. I always consider all of the options in the problem, before I come up with a solution. That’s one important part of being a repair service professional. You have to be able to think outside of the box at all times. I had a couple of days off last month thanks to a hard-working assistant manager. I took my wife and kids to a cabin in Albuquerque and we stayed for several days. The weather was actually quite cold and frigid while we were there. There was only one small heater in the cabin. There was no way to get heat upstairs in the loft area where my boys were sleeping. I came up with a genius hack to move the warm air from one room to another. In fact, the idea was so amazing that I am considering a way to patent the idea so I can turn it into a way to make money. All of that idea came to fruition because I spent the weekend in the Albuquerque cabin.

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