A quality heater goes a long way

The average annual snowfall across the country is around 28 inches; Glenview, Illinois gets more than 3 feet of snow every year! Plowing, shoveling, scraping and putting down snowmelt chemicals is a part of life for more than five to 8 weeks, snow removal is time-consuming, labor-intensive, terrible and awful.

When the temperature drops down to drawback twenty degrees, spending any amount of time outside is downright dangerous, however bundling up in layers of sweaters, heavy boots, thick overcoat, gloves, hat and scarf to keep warm makes it difficult to transfer around, and there’s also the issue of where to pile all that snow.

The drifts get pressing, and every one of us still need to be able to access the garage… I just recently invested into a snowmelt system, and it’s such a relief, but my apartment is outfitted with a boiler and radiant flooring. The boiler is located in the basement and heats up water that it pumps through a series of pipes concealed beneath the floor. The heat from the pipes radiates across the surface of the floor, gradually rises upward and warms up the whole room, however radiant flooring is drastically effective and energy efficient. The snow melt plan operates similarly to the radiant flooring. I now have a network of pipes installed beneath the pavement of the front steps, walkways, garage floor and driveway. The plan activates in response to temperature drop and moisture. Hot water travels through the pipes, radiates heat and melts away snow and ice. I no longer need to shovel or worry about slipping and falling on icy surfaces.

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