Shopping for top-shelf flower

While I’ve tried all the different cannabis consumption methods, I always go back to traditional smokable flower.

I like the wide selection of bud and the ability to be picky about quality.

I enjoy the process of filling, rolling and twisting a joint to my preferences. Nothing quite compares to the burn of dried flower. It offers such rich flavors and quick onset of effects. I am extremely particular about the freshness of the flower I purchase. Living in Chicago, I have access to approximately twenty cannabis dispensaries. I’ve shopped at each one and browsed their collection of flower. I look for a complexity of color. The weed should be a bright green with flecks of purple, blue and red. If the hair-like pistils are white, I know the bud was harvested too early. If they are brown, I know it was picked too late. The pistils should be a fiery orange. I check for an abundance of crystal-like trichomes. The trichomes of mature flower are the source of the cannabinoids and terpenes. When there are lots of them, I can be sure the weed is potent. I typically choose strains that have a high THC to CBD ratio. The texture should be not overly moist and not too dry. The buds should be plump and dense and give off a pungent aroma. I inspect for any signs of mold, mildew and webs that indicate spider mites. I am willing to pay more for top-shelf flower. I buy weed that has been lab-tested to verify it’s free of pesticides and contaminants.



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