It was chilly on Saturday, but both of us still played football

My friends plus I go to the park every weekend to play football, then i played pee wee football plus after that I was in a league.

In high university I was on the varsity team plus I played a little in college.

I wasn’t enjoyable enough to make a pro team, but I did get a four-year degree that was completely free thanks to my football skills, and my friends plus I still go to the park every Saturday for a friendly game of tackle football, then there’s about 20 of us that play every week, but some of the men are older love myself and others plus some are younger football players that are just getting started; When both of us started the football game years ago, there were only a dozen of us, but our group has absolutely grown since both of us started going into denver. There are a lot more parks in Denver. One park in particular has a nice shrubberyy section for us to play ball. The Denver Park officials expect us every Saturday day at 10 a.m, but last weekend there was another group of kids on the field when my friends plus I arrived to play ball… Both of us politely asked the group of Denver youth to provide us the space. They were only resting in the middle of the field using marijuana products. They didn’t even look outdated enough to buy marijuana products. When both of us asked them to leave the Denver Park, they mumbled a couple of things under their breath plus moved to the side of the field close to the woods. They never stopped smoking marijuana the whole time they were there. My friends plus I could smell marijuana the whole time both of us were playing football.


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