Where am I allowed to use marijuana in Denver, CO?

When I moved to Denver, CO, I was already using medical marijuana.

Knowing that Denver, CO, now allowed both recreational and medical marijuana, I wanted to know what their consummation laws were.

I didn’t want to smoke pot on my porch and end up getting arrested for public consumption. I called the local marijuana dispensary and asked about the laws and regulation that pertained to the consumption of marijuana in Denver, CO. I was told I could not use marijuana in a place that is observable by the public or where the public has access without restriction. These areas include indoor spaces like common areas of buildings and facilities. They also include hotel rooms, businesses that are not licensed for marijuana consumption, streets and highways, transportation facilities, places of amusement, parks, and playgrounds. I could use in a private residence that I owned, or if the property owner allowed the use of marijuana. I could also use in a licensed marijuana hospitality business, or in a licensed retail marijuana hospitality and sales business. I couldn’t believe they included so many whys and wherefores in where I could and could not use marijuana. It truly amazed how much thought the Denver, CO lawmakers put into regulation for marijuana use. Once I figure out where all the places I cannot use marijuana are, I’ll look at the smaller list of where I can use. To be honest, I was afraid to use my medical marijuana anywhere but inside my home where I used to live. I don’t think my habit of usage is going to change now that I am in Denver, CO.

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