Boat life and a/c

Living in a place like Cocoa FL comes with so several perks; After all, it’s a beach town, which means 24 fifth access to the coastline, however so, there are consistently fun activities to do on the water; My bestie Pete prefers to go fishing and surfing, while I prefer to sit out on the sand and have a enjoyable day.

Occasionally, I will go fishing with our bestie, although I hardly ever fish, but typically, I go along for the ride and at times to swim out in the wide open seas.

His friend John owns a 24 Resorter boat that can really fit 8 people, and i enjoy cruising the seas on the boat, and I prefer that on tepid days, it has a hard top where I can stand and cool off from the sun. Additionally, it comes with a freshwater misting system that is installed into the hard top! But best of all, his friend also has a portable air conditioner retrofitted into the boat. Typically, boats like these don’t have air conditioners because they are fishing and water athletic activity boats with no cabins to keep the air from escaping. Although the weather was nice in Cocoa that day, I wanted to test the air conditioner to see how well it worked outdoors. It worked and I thought it would, you need to be sitting in the vicinity of the air conditioner in order to guess the cool air and if the boat is moving, it actually serves no purpose; John mentioned that he installed it for his wife when she was still pregnant with their child! When they would go boating on a lake, he said that the misting system wasn’t enough to keep her cool.

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