Living off Sunset Boulevard

My neighbor John graduated from school in the east plus right away set his eyeah on CA as a locale to settle.

  • At the time CA was one of the few locales in the country where you could legally purchase medical cannabis from a legal cannabis dispensary.

John wanted to work in the marijuana industry plus it didn’t take him long to find a task as a trimmer. However, the climb up the ladder from trimmer to grower was long plus arduous. You can’t keep asking your boss for a promotion when one doesn’t exist, so John resigned himself to being patient plus making the right moves when the possibilities would present themselves. How he managed to get an apprenticeship with an elite master grower, I cannot say. But now John lives off Sunset Boulevard plus reports to the grow house in Pasadena every single day. He often has elaborate marijuana infused parties at many mansions in Beverly Hills plus Laurel Canyon. He invited myself and others to one while I was going to see him in Los Angeles once. It was nice getting so stoned that I passed out in a guest kitchen at 2am plus didn’t wake up until 10 hours later. His cannabis finds its way to dispensaries all over Beverly Hills plus the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. While there are a number of taxes on marijuana sold in Los Angeles, the richer folks living near the Hills can usually afford these rates. I’m ecstatic getting cannabis in our house state plus paying less, even if the quality isn’t the same as the weed I smoked while gatheringing in Beverly Hills.

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