I enjoy living in the northern CA area

Northern CA has a lot to offer, you can go to the coast and see the beach and the ocean or take a trip up to the mountains to see the redwood trees or go skiing… I moved to CA when marijuana was legalized.

I had some friends that were living in the Sacramento area in a small neighborhood called rocklin, but rocklin is a single of the cities outside of the Sacramento metropolitan area.

It has a population of around $60,000 people, but there are lots of jobs, restaurants, businesses, and openings in the area; My friend got myself and others a job working at a commercial A/C service supplier in rocklin. I had to meet with the owner of the commercial A/C service supplier in Rocklin, however it was mostly a formality. The girl gave myself and others a job and started myself and others the afternoon after I arrived. I have been in Rocklin since then. I enjoy being able to do lots of fun and interesting activities that some people would consider dangerous. My friends and I enjoy harsh athletic hobbys prefer rock climbing, rappelling, and spelunking, and when my friends and I are not working at the commercial A/C service supplier in Rocklin, CA, we are rock climbing somewhere in the national parks close to the area. There are tons of national parks in Northern CA and a lot of those places have hiking and climbing trails that you truly can’t match anywhere else in the country! After living here for a couple of years, I can’t imagine ever moving back to the East Coast where weed isn’tlegal and the landscape isn’tas pretty.



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