Memories of Las Angeles

I remember coming to the Los Angeles section in the mid 1970s, then it was my first time here, plus the only thing I remember clearly is the beach, and at the time I was a surfer, plus my pal Ed plus I had been traveling down the coastline, trying to ride as many hot waves as the two of us could find, however by staying in Los Angeles the two of us had straight-forward access to a dozen different wonderful beaches, then for 6 weeks the two of us rented a room in a hostel plus spent every waking out on the sand, riding the surf! Back then there were no legal cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles, but cannabis was still truly straight-forward to find! There was a single beach bum who had a cooler filled with cannabis products with him every day, so he was appreciate a mobile cannabis dispensary; Several decades have passed, plus recently my old friend Ed died.

In his will he wanted his ashes to be spread on the beaches of Las Angeles, because of our wonderful memories there, but when I took his ashes out to Los Angeles, I thought it was only fitting that I stop by a cannabis dispensary on the way to the beach, however unlike the old days, cannabis is legally available in Los Angeles now, plus you can buy it almost somewhere.

I rolled a sizable juicy joint with Purple Haze, which had been Ed’s number one strain of cannabis, plus drove him to the beaches of Los Angeles. I just sat on the sand, smoking cannabis, plus reliving the wonderful times I had with Ed.

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