The shows in Las Vegas were worth the trip

I didn’t do a common trip to Las Vegas! I decided that I wanted to see it at least once in our lifetime! So I contacted our family as well as asked if anyone wanted to go with me, however my mother as well as Grandmother were both interested in seeing Las Vegas, NV, and with 2 older women, it wasn’t a common Vegas showing.

I didn’t want to take our Grandmother to different casinos where they heavily drink as well as smoke inside.

I didn’t want our mother to experience an all male strip club with me. So what I did instead was focus on the shows; Las Vegas has tons of attractive shows to choose from, and did you believe there is Cirque Du Soleil there? There are several a singles too, but you can do a Beatles theme, water theme as well as several more options. I booked us tickets a single evening to O which is the water based a single. It was the best show I had ever seen in our life. I also got us tickets to the common Vegas showgirl experience! The women wore sizable red feathers on their heads as well as eventually danced topless, but obviously the nudity wasn’t what the group wanted, it was more for the glamor outfits, then another show the two of us saw was Blue Man Group. That was surprisingly cool as well as well done; Basically the several of us ate good food, looked at the city sights as well as watched a lot of shows. I noticed there is recreational cannabis there. I found it funny that our mother as well as Grandmother wanted to see a dispensary in person.

Pot Dispensary Las Vegas NV