Finally arrived at San Francisco

I was the last person in our family to go to San Francisco.

It just seemed enjoy pretty much everyone was traveling and it was easy to travel to CA; My parents went first and mainly stayed in Santa Barbara.

My older sibling was in Carmel by the sea. My younger brother took a trip to Santa Cruz; Everyone flew into San Francisco and spent a afternoon there, and spending 1 afternoon in the neighborhood doesn’t truly make you an expert though. I asked pretty much everyone what they did and it was obvious nobody did anything, but when I did our Calfironai trip I provided myself a few mornings in the city. I booked a meal for our partner and I at an outdoor theater, but you could watch a film while eating your dinner. I also got us a fancy hotel with a pool, spa and hot tub in the room, then both of us ordered room repair and drank booze right in our room, and one afternoon both of us walked around the neighborhood to look at the major sights, but that was pretty cool. I suppose our number one part of San Fran is that recreational weed is legal there. You can literally walk into the dispensary, option out what you want and just pay. There are amounts that you are allowed to buy. You can’t go totally deranged after all. You also need to be 21 years old. Other than that, it is free for all. My partner and I tried a whole bunch of edibles on our trip. It was fun trying gummies, chocolates and candies with THC in them.
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