I finally got the chance to go to Las Vegas

Working for a ritzy auction house is a weird task to have, and my speciality is comic books, although I am also a fair hand with proper types of vintage books, as well, and when someone contacts the auction house and wants to sell their possessions, the supplier has to send out an expert to evaluate the items in question, in other words, this venue doesn’t auction just anything, they have a entirely high bar that needs to be cleared, then a few weeks ago all of us got contacted by a person in Las Vegas, Nevada with an impressive comic book collection to sell.

I was stoked to finally have a opportunity to visit Sin City, Las Vegas, a venue I had seen on cable our whole life, then once I got to Las Vegas I realized that our only concern was that I was busy for a one-day trip, and that was not long enough! Once the city of Las Vegas had me entranced with its garish lights and killer rock n roll, I knew I had to extend our trip for a couple of days to take it all in.

I visited one of the numerous Las Vegas cannabis dispensaries and bought a half ounce, with the intent of smoking it all over the next numerous days. I didn’t even need to gamble or go to an luxurious concert, because with a head full of cannabis smoke just wandering through the city was entertainment enough. I was not able to smoke all of our cannabis before heading back to the LAs Vegas airport, so I provided it to a homeless guy outside the hotel.

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