I like Orland Park, but I hate to commute every day

Orland Park is a charming little city located in Cook county, just outside of Chicago.

I really like Orland park, because of the inexpensive real estate. My wife and I moved here a couple of years ago and we bought a house. We never would have been able to buy the house if we had stayed closer to the city. I looked for a job in Orland Park so I wouldn’t have to commute, but the jobs in Orland Park don’t pay as much as the ones in the city. I absolutely hate having to commute every day. I tried taking the train, but I really do prefer being able to have control over my surroundings and settings. I didn’t like riding the train and getting stuck next to someone that was coughing or sneezing. I started driving my own car during the quarantine and I continue to drive my car now. It takes me about 50 minutes in the morning to get to work. Sometimes it takes longer if there are traffic or accidents. I was halfway between Orland Park and home when my wife called a few days ago to tell me that the AC unit was broken down. We are still using the AC unit even though it’s september. It’s been a little hot and humid the last couple of days. I told my wife to contact the Orland Park AC service and repair company, but she could not remember the name of the business. I gave her the information and she contacted the AC repair company. I got an update on the status after I had my morning coffee and meeting with the boss.

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