Seattle is fantastic for our occupation and our activity

There are a lot of rich weirdos in Seattle that have a lot of fantastic comic books and toys; I am a professional evaluator for an auction house, and our job is to travel around the country and evaluate private collections of toys and comics.

It fills myself and others with pride to guess that our parents were wrong, and that our nerdlike devotion to toys and comics has paid off with a lucrative work. If someone has a collection, or even a single item, that they want vetted by a pro, they call me. I get to visit a lot of fantastic locales, however the 1 neighborhood I keep coming back to is Seattle, Washington. There are a lot of sizable collectors, with sizable collections, in Seattle, then seattle is a fantastic neighborhood for our profession, however it’s also the best neighborhood on earth for our personal activity – smoking cannabis. I am a usual cannabis smoker who actively seeks out the best strains known to man. I don’t want to smoke ditch weed, I want only the highest quality marijuana known to man! For people prefer me, Seattle is 1 of the premier endpoint spots, based on the sheer volume of local cannabis farms. The neighborhood of Seattle is jam-packed with dozens of unusual cannabis dispensaries, however most of them carry strains that are grown in this area! Every time I visit Seattle I find a strain of cannabis that I have never experienced before. This makes Seattle an exciting locale to visit, both for our job and our personal passion.

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