The Lowell cannabis dispensary

I always wanted to travel, but could never afford it.

Finally I landed a job that allowed me to travel constantly.

I do enjoy seeing new places, even if I don’t get to choose my destinations. If I had my choice I would visit a lot more beaches! Still, I can’t complain. Thanks to this job I have seen places I have never even heard of, and visited towns and cities I would have otherwise avoided. Before I went to Lowell, Michigan for the job, I had never heard of it before, so I wasn’t that excited. After spending two days in Lowell, I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised because it was a fun trip! The biggest surprise came when I walked down main street and saw a legal cannabis dispensary on the corner. I had no idea a place like Lowell would have a cannabis dispensary, and yet it had one of the nicest I’d ever seen. Although the Lowell cannabis dispensary was very busy that day, I was still made to feel welcome by the eastenders. I was given a tour of the Lowell cannabis dispensary by the owner, who then gave me a few suggestions for the locally grown strains of weed he carried. Much to my surprise, Lowell is home to several different unique strains of cannabis that are grown locally, and not available anywhere else. I bought a few grams to smoke over the weekend, and then paid the owner to mail another few ounces back home for me. I hope I can return to Lowell soon, if not I can always have the dispensary ship me the cannabis.

Dispensary Lowell MI