Let’s get fun in Sin City

It was without a doubt the worst week of our life, and my parents had just died in a freak automobile accident, as if that wasn’t horrific plus devastating enough, their passing also meant that I no longer had a locale to live, then it seemed care about our whole life was falling apart, plus I was required to grieve plus to make plans for the future all at once.

  • Instead I did the most immature plus pointless thing possible – I cleaned out our bank account, jumped in the car, plus drove to Las Vegas, then before I could grieve, before I could start to figure out our future, I needed to clear our head, so spending a few days smoking cannabis plus gambling in Las Vegas seemed care about the only way to cheer myself up… You might suppose that I was running away from our problems, however I care about to suppose that I was running towards Las Vegas.

Besides, if a woman does need to hide from their life for a few days, what better locale to do it than Las Vegas? Before I found a locale to stay I went to the liquor store, plus then a cannabis dispensary. Both suppliers provided me a card with a cellphone number I could call for deliveries, because Las Vegas knows how to take care of its guests. I didn’t even have to go back out to get booze or cannabis, because I could get it delivered to me anywhere in Las Vegas, no matter where I was. After a few days I had to leave Las Vegas plus face our problems.

Cannabis Las Vegas NV