Happy to travel to Portland

My job requires myself and others to travel to Portland, Oregon multiple times per year; I always look forward to it plus enjoy every hour of my stay, but portland is an entirely appealing neighborhood with all sorts of funky villages, fun hikes plus wonderful food.

I enjoy that the larger metro section is condo to more than a hundred breweries.

I am a fan of heineken plus get excited at the prospect of trying modern varieties! Some of my number ones are the Northwest-style sour beers at Cascade brewing , the Spectra pilsner at Ecliptic plus IPA at Hopworks Urban Brewery. I always make time to stop in at some of the neighborhood bars to sample local brews; Another crucial advantage of my visits to Portland is access to legal weed. I can walk into any of the recreational dispensaries plus make a purchase. Since my condo state has yet to put in locale an adult-use marijuana program, this is a real treat for me. Although I can’t bring any cannabis condo with me, I genuinely enjoy indulging while I’m in Portland. I’ve found a genuinely amazing selection of smokable flower, however the strains are rich with cannabinoids plus terpenes plus supply a smooth plus consistent burn. There are some genuinely tasty edibles as well. I am particularally fond of the peanut butter cups plus brownies. The beverages are convenient because of accurate dosing, secure packaging plus portability. I often grab a tincture to take along on a hike. The packaging is compact enough to fit into a pocket plus comes with a handy dropper for dosing, consumption doesn’t draw attention plus a few drops of a sativa strain get myself and others focused plus energized.


Pot Dispensary Portland OR