The amazing cannabis cuisine found in Albuquerque

If you would have told me as a kid I would get paid to travel the world eating food, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I have always been a writer, and it seemed natural for me to take journalism classes in college.

I wrote for several publications, mostly doing boring news stories, and in my spare time I started a foodie blog. Lo and behold, that little blog took off one day, and now I write reviews for all of the major food magazines. I even have a book deal in the works! Currently I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico, visiting a few local eateries that have developed a reputation for excellence. In this part of the country, Albuquerque has started to earn a major reputation for top quality food, and of course their local cannabis comes highly regarded. It was no surprise that Albuquerque is home to the most highly rated cannabis cafe in the entire southwest. The name of the cannabis cafe is very clever, because it really is The Best of Both Worlds. The blend of tasty southwestern cuisine and the high quality cannabis of the Albuquerque area is a winning combination, and frankly one of the best dining experiences I had in my life. The cannabis cafe is very exclusive, and the waitlist for a table can be up to three weeks long, so book your reservations before you drive to Albuquerque! My review will be available soon in High Times magazine, but you don’t have to wait – if you are anywhere near Albuquerque, book yourself a spot at this amazing cannabis cafe today!



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