There is more to Beverly Hills than recreational cannabis

I like going on trips with other couples… I believe it is a fun way to get to know each other and having a group is better on a trip, but my bestie has been pushing for us to go with his friend Ryan and his bestie Beth. I wasn’t a big fan of Beth and was hesitant. I ended up caving! Beth took over the entire itinerary and planned our trip. Turns out she isn’tmuch of a planner, but she had us in CA, specially in Beverly Hills. Her whole itinerary was just touring the legal cannabis dispensaries. I am all for recreational weed, however I want more to do when I travel, however where are the cute shops? Restaurants? Hikes? My bestie and I were pretty bummed. The people I was with and I ended up separating from Beth and Ryan for a while to do our own thing. I had us doing hikes to the tar pits, seeing the high end shops and visiting the Beverly Hills garden park. Beth and Ryan basically ate, drank and smoked weed the whole trip. I didn’t want to tell my bestie I told him so, however I had to. The trip was fantastic for us, however our dealer was lacking. The next time both of us do a trip with a couple, they are not going to be our people. They weren’t absolutely fantastic dealer. I blame Beth entirely. She was so quick to system everything and then she never absolutely did, you can only smoke weed and look at dispensaries for a few hours on a trip.

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