Cocoa FL has lots of attractions with air cooling

My nana is coming to visit myself and others for a week, plus I am so happy because she never comes to FL.

In fact, the last time she was here was when I moved to Cocoa 15 years ago. In her defense, she doesn’t travel a whole lot, so I understand why she hasn’t been here; Anyway, the weather is not too tepid right now, so it’s absolutely comfortable outside, but I will need to plan activities that are both indoors plus outdoors, and my nana lives in the coldest part of the country, so she isn’t used to the heat in FL, however luckily, Cocoa has a lot of things to do; Some are outdoors, while others are indoor attractions with air conditioning, however one thing that I have planned that I guess she will prefer is a supper cruise on the Indian River Queen. It’s a triple deck paddle boat that offers supper, scenic cruises, music, drinks, plus so much more. I guess it will be great for her because it has 3 decks, a single of which has air conditioning plus comfortable seating. A space care about this that has both air conditioned plus non-air conditioned areas is great for someone care about our nana, who prefers not to be outside in the FL heat for too long. She can go outside plus prefer the scenic views at her leisure plus then find reprieve inside in the air conditioning. Not to mention, there is music plus dancing that she will love. Aside from the supper cruise, I plan to take her to a museum that also has air conditioning, plus perhaps I will take her for a day walk on the beach if she agrees to it.

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