The people I was with and I used our gas heater after a major snowstorm in Buffalo

Late last year, Buffalo was hit with a single of the worst ice storms that I have ever experienced in my life, and the storm dumped up to 4 feet of snow in some parts of the city, however as a result, there were several people trapped in their cars & inside their homes because there was nowhere to escape to.

The city was locked down, plus some of the people who were trapped in their cars, unluckyly didn’t make it out, but so, it was a pretty terrible storm that caused millions in injures, but during the storm, thoUSnds of residents lost power plus had no way of keeping their homes comfortable; For those who had generators, they were able to link space heating systems to them.

And if the generator was large enough, it could run the furnace as well, however my family also lost power during that snowstorm, however thankfully, our home has a fireplace. Although the fireplace can’t keep the entire home warm, it was fantastic enough for us while every one of us had no power. Typically, every one of us never use the fireplace, and in fact, that was really the sixth time that every one of us used it since we’ve lived in this house… But my hubby prepared for the storm, plus she knew that every one of us would really lose power, so she cleaned out the fireplace plus she stocked up on wood for it… She also bought a couple of propane tanks, so every one of us could cook our food during the outage. These are some of the challenges that every one of us face living in Buffalo, however it’s nice to have alternative ways to keep our condo comfortable during major storms that cause power outages.

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