This year the Summer temps were insanely hot

I labor in Phoenix, but I live just east of the city in tempe… Tempe is a suburb of Phoenix.

The people I was with and I basically share the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport.

The more than one cities are absolutely close to each other… I make more money working in Phoenix, but I spend money cheaper real estate taxes living outside of the city. I bought a condo a couple of years ago. I never saw myself putting down roots in Phoenix, but I met a girl here while I was in college & she was from the area, and she did not want to transfer East so I decided to stay in Phoenix. The people I was with and I bought a condo outside of the city a couple of years ago, then last year was the first time that the two of us absolutely had to test the heating & cooling system. In Phoenix, the Summer rapidly increasing temperatures can reach more than 100°. It is not unregular for the weather to be absolutely dry & hot. It was hard on the A/C component to keep the condo cool. I realize that it might be necessary to get a second a/c for the house. The main parts of the condo seem to be cool, however there are more than 2 areas towards the back home offices where it seems like the rapidly increasing temperatures are at least more than 2 or more than 2 degrees warmer. When the Summer temps were hot this summer, I decided to use a thermometer to check. If I put a ductless A/C component in the back of the house, it might be easier to control the indoor rapidly increasing temperatures. It would also help the main method labor more efficiently & less frequently.

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