Traffic was a nightmare on 95 all day

Interstate 95 runs all the way through Jacksonville from the north of the city to the south of the city.

There is always traffic on the Interstate because of the constant construction.

It seems like the city is always working on a project. They take a two-lane road and turn it into four lanes and then two years later they turn it into six lanes. It’s a constant state of confusion when I am trying to move in and out of traffic. Everyone going to the South used to exit the highway to the right. After they changed the construction and started a new project, now all of the exits to the South are on the left side of the highway. It is a total nightmare, especially on the weekends during football season. The Jacksonville football stadium is located off the highway not far from Interstate 95. I was working at the AC repair center on Sunday when there was a home game. I was trying to get from the south side to the north side and I hopped on 95. I got stuck in traffic behind an accident and everyone was slowing down to look at the scene. By the time I got to the AC repair, the customer was mad because it took so long. I was supposed to be there at 4:00 and I did not show up until almost 5:00. I tried to tell the AC repair customer that the traffic was bad, but she told me that I should have taken an alternate route.

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