We stopped skiing, but kept going back to Denver

At some point our regular sojourns to Denver stopped being about skiing and turned into weekend-long parties.

First of all, there is amazing skiing throughout the state of Colorado, but I have always preferred the slopes outside of Denver.

I am getting older now, just turned fifty years old, and I don’t enjoy skiing nearly as much as I used to. It’s rough on these old bones to schlep up and down the mountain! Why bother going through all that trouble when there are great sports teams to watch in Denver. There are terrific places to eat here, a stunning live music and art scene, and of course the cannabis, which is second to none. My favorite thing about the Denver area are the majestic views of the surrounding landscapes. Regal mountains tipped with ice and snow under a grand vista of gorgeous, open skies, I believe the views from Denver are the best in the world. Whenever possible I stay in a penthouse, or at the very least near the top of one of the bigger downtown Denver hotels buildings. The higher up I am in the Mile High City the farther I can see. This high up I can enjoy both the sunset and the sunrise, so long as I don’t smoke too much Denver cannabis and fall asleep. Maybe I’m too old to ski, or maybe I’m just wise enough to enjoy the beauty of nature. Either way, Denver is my favorite vacation spot. The fact that it has such amazing cannabis is the cherry on top of the sundae.


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