Zoned heating when my parents moved in

I bought a house in Elgin, Illinois and moved in with my parents.

My parents are on the older side and they need some care. They need someone making sure they take all their vitamins and can drive them to their doctors appointments. They also need someone messing around with lawn care, the internet and making meals. It just made sense to have them live with me since I am single and have my own home. I noticed that older people tend to be colder. My parents were always upping my thermostat and wanting more heating. Elgin, IL is a colder area. It snows all the time here and the cold comes early. I was really worried about them during the winter. I then quickly realized that the issue was me. My parents cranked the thermostat and the heater did a great job. I started wearing shorts and a tank top in my home. I started feeling sick from being so warm. I realized I needed some kind of solution. I talked to my local HVAC dealer about my issue. He recommended a zone control system. That way my parents could crank the heater in their bedrooms and the living room if they wanted. I then could have a colder area in my bedroom and the kitchen. Since installing a ductless heating device, I have been much happier. It is nic knowing there are spaces I can retreat to and I won’t be so hot. My parents are killing me with the 80 degree settings. They need extra heat though.


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