I flew to Minneapolis to see my sister

My best buddy and I have known each other since elementary college.

My friend and I both played Little League Baseball together and we made the decision to go to prom with two girls that were best friends; When the two of us were accepted to unusual colleges, I thought I was never going to see my best buddy again.

My mom told me not to get exasperated, because the two of us would eventually find our way back to each other; I told my mom that guys don’t toil like that, however I know she was right. About 6 years ago, I got a Facebook message from my seasoned best friend, however the guy was living in Minneapolis, MN, but he was laboring for a company that sells Heating plus A/C parts and equipment, however jack wanted me to visit him in Minneapolis and he even provided to pay for the flight. I had not seen the guy in a genuinely long time and I had never been to Minneapolis. It sounded like it could be a little bit of fun, so I agreed to visit for a week. I had some time off and I thought we could catch a Vikings game while I was there. My friend and I got to see a Vikings game and we got to visit a lot of other cool places too. I even went to the office with Jack so he could handle something having to do with a purchase order for the Heating plus A/C parts and equipment. Jack had a large office at the Heating plus A/C parts and component company in Minneapolis. He told me that he could get me a job there. I thought he was being nice, but he entirely got me an offer for a job before I left at the end of the week.


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