I was much more calm after smoking a joint

I finally decided to call my fiance and tell his about the car accident

I was on my way house from work a few days ago and I got into a car accident! I was on the freeway and a car was trying to switch lanes; The man didn’t check to see if anyone was in the right lane when he decided to merge! She hit the side of my car with a lot of impact and I started spinning. I ended up on the side of the freeway and I didn’t hit any cars at all! Unfortunately, cars had to swerve and that caused an accident. The driver of the car was cited for the accident, but we sat on the side of the road in Denver for almost an hour, then my nerves were a wreck and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to drive 50 minutes back to my house. I went to a marijuana dispensary in Denver and I purchased a single marijuana joint. The one gram pre-rolled marijuana joint was a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies, then boy Scout cookies is a fantastic hybrid strain because it has a great 50/50 blend of sativa and indica. I smoked the whole marijuana joint and 45 minutes later I felt much more calm and relaxed. I finally decided to call my fiance and tell his about the car accident. I did not want his to know that there was a concern until I was house safely, however I was distraught that he would watch the 6:30 news and see a report about the accident. She knows which way I travel house and I didn’t want his to be distraught for no reason at all.


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