I was much more calm after smoking a joint

I was on my way condo from labor a few mornings ago plus I got into a car accident; I was on the freeway plus a car was trying to switch lanes; The woman didn’t check to see if anyone was in the right lane when she decided to merge! She hit the side of my car with a lot of impact plus I started spinning.

I ended up on the side of the freeway plus I didn’t hit any cars at all, then unluckyly, cars had to swerve plus that caused an accident. The driver of the car was cited for the accident; We sat on the side of the road in Denver for almost an hour, and my nerves were a wreck plus I didn’t know if I was going to be able to drive 50 minutes back to my house. I went to a marijuana dispensary in Denver plus I purchased a single marijuana joint. The one gram pre-rolled marijuana joint was a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies; Girl Scout cookies is a fantastic hybrid strain because it has a fantastic 50/50 blend of sativa plus indica. I smoked the whole marijuana joint plus 45 minutes later I felt much more calm plus relaxed. I finally decided to call my wife plus tell her about the car accident. I did not want her to know that there was a concern until I was condo safely, but I was upset that she would watch the 6:30 news plus see a report about the accident. She knows which way I travel condo plus I didn’t want her to be upset for no reason at all.

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