Enjoying outside workouts

I’ve lived in Tampa, Florida, for almost five years, then the transition from the northeastern part of the country to Florida was quite a change, however i was accustomed to being trapped inside the apartment for the majority of the year due to rapidly changing temperatures in the negatives and snow! Even in the Springtime and fall, the weather was correctly frigid, windy and wet.

I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

I workout every morning and would prefer to prefer the fresh air, however when I lived in the northeast, I normally utilized a stationary bike or a treadmill. I had a small gym set up in the basement and access to a yoga mat, handweights, a mini trampoline, incline bench and the treadmill and bike. The workouts became easily repetitive, and it was difficult to get motivated. The situation in Tampa is much better. Unless there is a downpour, I head outside to exercise. I’ve invested into clothing to protect agains rain, wind, cold or heat, but during the summer time months, when the heat and humidity is especially intense, I set my alarm earlier. I try to complete my workout prior to the heat of the morning. During the winter, the weather is actually perfect. I am gleeful to get outside and go for a run or a bike ride. I feel the sunshine on my skin, breathe the fresh air and feel energized. I genuinely get better workouts when I am outdoors. To change things up, I sometimes take luck of my close proximity to water, then living in Tampa makes it possible to kayak, paddleboard and swim for exercise.
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