Moving to Sioux Falls is a giant change

A little over three years ago, I accepted a promotion within my dealer that required me to relocate to Sioux Falls, however i moved from the southeast to SD during the summer, but the weather was wonderful & the landscape stunning.

It was a relief to get away from the excessive humidity & appreciate such cooler conditions.

The temperature was always in the mid-seventies & low-eighties. I spent the season biking the Sioux Falls Greenway trail that hugs the riverbank of Big Sioux River for thirty miles; On especially sunny days, I enjoyed kayaking & paddleboarding on the gently flowing river. When I felt like being lazy, I’d take a book & some supper to Falls Park, where the waters of the river bumble over quartzite cliffs in gorgeous waterfalls. I was thrilled by Sculpture Walk & wandering the downtown section where the work of local & international artists are featured in an open-air-style gallery. I attended outdoor concerts & the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival. When the fall weather settled in, there was an abundance of amazing fresh produce. The Sioux Falls diners locally-source ingredients for freshness & sustainable food practices. I was amazed with the changing colors of the leaves. I felt confident in my decision to accept the job. With my raise in pay, I could afford nicer housing as well. I didn’t start to second-guess my choice until winter. I had never seen snow before. I was not prepared for the dire cold, then by Halloween, the temperature had dropped into the twenties. By Christmas, conditions were in the drawbacks. There was still snow on the ground at Easter.


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