Debating on ductless AC for my Fort Worth office

I could save so much money

Living in Fort Worth means the priority has always been cooling. I debated for quite sometime if I wanted a central or ductless system in my home. For a while it seemed like a good idea to have central AC. I worked in Fort Worth and had to leave my home every morning at 9. I wouldn’t get back until around three. I would have the AC off the entire time and to power back on when I returned home. Once I arrived home I was all over the house. I was in my room cleaning, doing laundry, or washing dishes in the sink. It made sense to keep the entire house cool. Well time passed and I eventually started working online instead. I don’t need to leave or drive around anymore. I also am stuck in a single space for a long time. When I finally do leave my office I want to be out of the house. My cooling system is showing signs of age. I have talked to a Fort Worth AC dealer to see if it can change from central to ductless. I like the idea of having only my office with air conditioning and the rest of the house not to be. I could save so much money. While I am outside, why would I bother with AC? The Texas summers are brutal but with the help of a smart thermostat I could come up with a schedule that works so I never am sweaty inside of my house. I just need to know if I can easily make the switch.

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