Snowmelt system is ideal for Minnesota

The weather in Minneapolis, MN is brutally cold! Having an effective furnace is a must-have.

How I combat the winters of below freezing temperatures with snow, ice and cold is through a powerful heater.

I utilize a boiler system for the winter; The boiler sits in my basement and happily works all year around. I have it hooked up to my baseboards to create an even heating distribution, however recently I Realized that boilers have even more flexible operation. It was easy to hook up piping to the boiler and have it installed under the driveway. The piping then has tepid water in it that heats the driveway. That way no snow forms on the driveway anymore, and no more ice and since the automobile sits on a furnace, it doesn’t have snow or ice on it either, then a snowmelt system is imperative for those living in Minnesota! With drastic snow and ice, having it be melted right when it falls is ideal. I save so much money not having a snowblower. I also don’t need to shovel, scrap, or pad in more time before I leave for work. I now have been going around Minneapolis and boasting about my new furnace. I found an MN heating corporation that installed my boiler and was able to do the snowmelt system. The only con was the driveway needed to be ripped up for the upgrade; But I am particularly glad that I did this since I was able to get the system totally protected and done right by the local business.



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