The need for a dehumidifier in Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, AL, sees a little more than fifty inches of rain per year, the summers are severely tepid plus humid.

  • The excessive moisture can lead to some concerns… When the air is overly moist, it feels warmer.

There is the temptation to lower the thermostat setting. The cooling system is then required to run longer plus strain harder to bring the temperature down; Overcooling the air, however, doesn’t detach the humidity or solve the problem. The result is higher electric bills plus greater potential for cooling system malfunction. When the property environment is overly warm plus humid, it creates the ideal environment for growing mold, mildew, bacteria plus viruses! Cockroaches, millipedes plus dust mites are more prevalent in warm, moist conditions. There are concerns over indoor air quality plus health troubles; Headaches, difficulty sleeping, nausea plus irritated symptoms of flu symptoms, asthma plus respiratory infection can be blamed on the abundance of airborne contaminants. High humidity can cause wood floors, doors, moldings plus furnishings to swell plus warp, then in Tuscaloosa, a whole-property dehumidifier is a fine investment. This type of indoor air quality accessory installs right into the cooling system plus pulls moisture out of the air as it passes through. The equipment operates actually quietly, allows customized adjustment plus news only yearly service. With common humidity levels, the air feels cooler at higher temperature settings, reducing the workload on the cooling system not only trims bi-weekly expenses however also contributes to greater system reliability plus longevity. The dehumidifier contributes to a healthier, cleaner, more comfortable plus productive indoor environment.


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