Author: Paulina

Memories of Las Angeles

I remember coming to the Los Angeles area in the mid 1970s. It was my first time here, and the only thing I remember clearly is the beach. At the time I was a surfer, and my pal Ed and I had been traveling down the coastline, trying to ride as many hot waves as […]

I won’t lie – I love Denver for the cannabis

I won’t lie, I moved to Denver because of cannabis. This was many years ago, when Colorado became the first state to legalize weed. I’m sure you remember that, it made national news at the time. Many politicians and law enforcement officials said it was the end of civilization as we knew it, and the […]

Renting a cheap apartment with outdated air conditioner

I moved to St. Petersburg a little over five years ago. I accepted a job offer in the area because of the incredible weather, beautiful beaches and affordable living. Fresh out of college, I was struggling to pay off student loans. Between my car payment, car insurance and health insurance, my budget was extremely tight. […]

AC quits in the middle of the night

I recently spent a wonderful, week-long vacation in Cocoa, Florida. It’s a great beach town just south of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. I chose the area because of the great beaches and fun water activities. I’d always wanted to learn to surf and take a fishing charter. I signed up for a kayak […]

The furnace is essential

Living in Orland Park, Illinois, my family makes the most of the warm weather. Our spring and fall seasons tend to be windy, wet and chilly. While the summer can get hot and muggy, it’s our opportunity to get outside and appreciate the beauty of our local area. Just a few minutes drive from our […]

Happy to have a snowmelt system

It eliminates the need to shovel or plow In Glenview, Illinois, the cold, wind and snow are a problem for more than half the year. We see temperatures well below zero and the wind chill makes it downright dangerous to spend much time outdoors. It snows nearly every day for months, with several inches to […]