I missed the snow for Christmas, but I needed a furnace.

Since Evansville, IL only has about fifty days when there is inclement weather, I knew that moving there could mean I would not have snow for Christmas.

December’s average daily high was only 48 degrees, but that was why I moved to IL.

I was tired of the northern cold and dampness. There was traditional HVAC in my home, because that forty eight degrees was cold. It was surprising how quickly I got used to the lack of humidity and extremely cold air. I liked being able to go out on a brisk day, and take a walk without freezing to death from the cold damp air. I came home to feel the heat of my furnace, and I was happy. I could feel the sunshine on my face nearly every day of the year. I had to admit that I missed the snow for Christmas, but I still needed my furnace. Last year, my husband had a special Christmas present for me. We had lived in Illinois for almost ten years when I told him how much I really missed snow. I even hinted at going back up north so we could maybe have an old-fashioned Christmas, but we never made it. I woke up to see snowflakes outside my window. My husband had hired someone with a snow maker to come to our house and make snow on our front lawn. He opened the curtains and said Merry Christmas. It was the best Christmas present I ever had, and our neighbor’s children were on our lawn trying to build a snowman.

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It was cold and miserable, but we stayed warm at Trapped KC.

My sister and I had this thing for escape rooms. We were looking online to see if we could find someplace where we could spend a cold day and find some escape rooms. The nearest to where we lived was Lee’s Summit, MO, which was less than an hour from home. Trapped KC was several different escape rooms in one business. They featured Rock Creek Mercantile where you are investigating the disappearance of two area locals. Another is the Secret of the Library. Booker McNeal Sr., has disappeared while doing research in Jerusalem. Booker Jr., is searching for team of intellectuals to enter his father’s library and retrieve an Artifact before others can get their hands on it. Both are a lot of fun, and it kept us indoors for almost two hours. We laughed until we cried, and had a few jittery nerve moments, but it was worth the time and money. Most of all, we were inside and not outside in the cold weather. When we got home, we were still laughing and talking about the escape rooms. We told mom that next time we went to Lee’s summit, we were taking her with us. She would love the Trapped KC escape rooms, and the HVAC inside, was even better than we had at home. She raised her eyebrow when we said this, since dad was an HVAC technician, thinking we were dissing dad’s ability to keep the house well heated and cooled. We were serious however, when we said we really thought she would love the escape room experience as much as we did.

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I love indoor playgrounds with air conditioning and heating

Some people are under the impression that it doesn’t get cold in Tampa, but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth

When living in a place with a tropical climate like Tampa, chances are, you’re always trying to find places to escape the brutal heat. Between the high temperatures and the humidity during the Summer, outside can feel like it’s a sauna all day long. Of course, there are beaches where you can cool off, but when the temperature inches closer to 100 degrees, there is barely any relief at the beach. So, it’s no wonder that there are many places in Tampa that have climate control because these businesses understand that their customers value a place that is comfortable year-round. Some of the places with the best air conditioning include movie theaters, museums, bookstores, bowling alleys, just to name a few. My kids love the indoor playgrounds when the weather is hot outside. Their favorite place to play is the Airosphere, Inflatable Park and Arcades. Not only is this place a great playground for them to burn off some energy, but it also has the best air conditioning and heating. This means it’s great for both the hot and the colder months. Some people are under the impression that it doesn’t get cold in Tampa, but that couldn’t be furthest from the truth. While it doesn’t get as cold as it does in the northern part of the country, we do experience colder weather from time to time. And these indoor playgrounds with air conditioning and heating make my life so much easier because I could take my kids to them knowing that inside will be comfortable due to their climate control.


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The weed in Denver is even better than the skiing

Max and I rented a modest little AirBnB in one of the downtown districts of Denver, so we would have easy access to bars, liquor stores, concert venues, and cannabis dispensaries

Max and I were next door neighbors as children. We went to the same schools, played on the same little league teams, and were essentially joined at the hip for almost a decade. Later we would attend the same college, although after that we were forced to go our separate ways. Max and I have stayed close over the years, on the phone and through social media, but we don’t get to see each other very often. Once or twice a year we both give our wives a cover story so we can have a weekend catching up and having fun together. This year we said we were going skiing outside of Denver, Colorado, although the truth was that we planned on enjoying the locally brewed beer and locally grown cannabis. We had no plans to actually go skiing, although I do hear the slopes near Denver are amazing. My wife is a lovely woman, but she is very reasonable, so I knew how she would respond if I said I was going to Denver just for the cannabis and the locally brewed beer. A ski trip to Denver is much more acceptable to her, because I can’t go skiing at home. Max and I rented a modest little AirBnB in one of the downtown districts of Denver, so we would have easy access to bars, liquor stores, concert venues, and cannabis dispensaries. Everything that we wanted to experience in Denver was within walking distance, so there was no reason not to get completely hammered on local beer and cannabis.
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When I retire, I want to stay in Portland

Being a long haul trucker allowed me the chance to see every part of America. I have logged hundreds of thousands of miles over the years, and driving through every state (except Hawaii) I have seen hundreds of towns. Now that I approach my retirement, I need to decide where it is that I want to settle down. My life has been one of constant motion, so if I stay in one spot it had better be a damn good spot! Right now I am leaning towards getting a place outside of Portland, Oregon, one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited. Of course the place is friendly, because it seems that half the residents of Portland are whacked out on cannabis most of the time! That is not a criticism, if anything it’s a compliment, because I enjoy cannabis as much as the next guy, and Portland is known around the world for its locally grown strains. For over 40 years Portland has cultivated a reputation for having the best cannabis farms. Now that weed is legal in Oregon, there are dozens of different cannabis dispensaries in Portland. I am not saying that I want to move to Portland just because of the weed situation. The cannabis law is simply one of the many reasons that Portland is an attractive retirement spot for me. The other reasons include: the weather, which is rainy and temperate most of the year, and the abundance of local music available in Portland. As a fan of the arts, of fishing, and of smoking cannabis, Portland seems like the perfect place to retire.


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Pot parties are now allowed in Muskegon.

Muskegon was issuing the license for the party, but they were going against their laws that clearly state you cannot use marijuana in public

I was looking at some laws in our great city of Muskegon, MI. My friends and I heard that were now allowing pot parties, and we all cheered at the news. How cool it would be to have a pot party in the middle of the city? They had certain small areas of a block that were clearly marked by the street names that surrounded the areas. Certain people who had marijuana licenses could rent that space and throw pot parties. What had us laughing was that Muskegon had laws about using marijuana in public, and where children may be. If I am in the middle of the city, and smoking or using marijuana at a pot party, am I not out in public? Can I be arrested, even if there is something issued to make the pot party legal? I couldn’t wrap my head around this concept. Muskegon was issuing the license for the party, but they were going against their laws that clearly state you cannot use marijuana in public. Regardless of how absurd I thought it may be to have pot parties, I liked the idea because of the 420 celebration. How much fun would it be to go to an all day pot party, buy your pot while there, and then take the 2.5 ounces of pot with you for your home? All I can say about his new ordinance is hurray for Muskegon. They have finally done something that makes many of us adult Muskegonites very happy, and happy they have finally passed the law.

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I had so much fun on my Seattle trip

I know I’m a nerd, but when I heard about the guided tour of Grey’s Anatomy shooting locations, I couldn’t resist. I don’t live in the pacific northwest, or else I probably would have done it a long time ago. Instead I had to plan a whole vacation around the tour. I took time off from work, got plane tickets and rented a local hotel suite. I am what you would call a Grey’s Anatomy Super Fan, and I was actually surprised that there were so many people like me! I spent three days and nights in Seattle, Washington, and discovered there was a lot more to the city than just Meredith Grey and her soap opera exploits. The tour itself was amazing, as I spent six hours slowly trolling the streets of Seattle while the tour guide listed facts and trivia about the show. When the tour ended I found myself needing something else to do, which is when I stumbled across a cannabis dispensary. This was hardly an accident, because in some sections of Seattle there is literally a cannabis shop on every corner. I had no idea the cannabis laws in Seattle were so relaxed, so I decided to try something new. I had never smoked cannabis before, but since Seattle was so open about it, I decided to try it out. I wish I would have smoked some of this Seattle cannabis before taking the tour, it would have made it a lot more fun! I had an amazing time in Seattle, because of the tour and the cannabis.

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Can the Lowell, MI dispensaries deliver medical marijuana?

I was a cannabis delivery driver for one of our local medical marijuana dispensaries. My friends were always joking about how much weed I could abscond with when I was making deliveries, but there were none. I could be fined or jailed if I were to take even a pinch of medical marijuana. First off; it is theft. It is a local, state, and federal charge that wouldn’t even entertain. I was sure my friends were joking with me, but there was a small fear in the back of my mind; that they weren’t. I would never take the risk, and I wouldn’t want to lose my job. They asked me if they could call the marijuana dispensary and put in an order for recreational marijuana and have it delivered? I knew our medical marijuana dispensary only delivered for its patients. We could only deliver certain amounts of the marijuana products, and I could only have a maximum of ten orders out for delivery. They made these laws to protect the customers and drivers. I couldn’t say how things worked in the rest of the state because each city and county made their own laws. I don’t know if I would tell them even if I knew. I thought I should already know these laws and regulations, and I made it a point to find out all the answers. Even though I went online, there was a certain amount of vagueness in how the articles were written. There were also too many articles on cannabis in Lowell, MI, and the state of Michigan.
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Some hazy memories from my trips to Illinois

A lot of my best memories come from Illinois, even though I never lived there.

My folks originally come from Illinois, but they moved away when my mom was still pregnant with me.

Some years later they took me back to visit. The first visit was boring, the second visit a little better, and by the time I was 14 I was eager to get back into the farmland and visit my cousins. The expression “it’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there” comes to mind. My cousins yearned to escape the confines of farming country, but I was content to spend a few weeks in Illinois and smoke as much cannabis as I could get my hands on. There was a lot of it, too, because my Illinois cousins had nothing better to do than get high, so they did it a lot. I was a little jealous at first, because there was so much wide-open farmland in this part of rural Illinois that my cousins could grow as many cannabis plants as they wanted. In fact they both spent a lot of time cultivating cannabis, because they had so little else to do. They dreamed of moving out of the Illinois backwoods and to a major city. This is why they started selling cannabis, because it was the only way they could save up enough money to move to a better part of Illinois. It was easier for me, because I knew come the end of my vacation I would leave Illinois behind and head back to my normal life.

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Let’s get litty in Sin City

Besides, if a person does need to hide from their life for a few days, what better place to do it than Las Vegas? Before I found a place to stay I went to the liquor store, and then a cannabis dispensary.

It was without a doubt the worst week of my life. My parents had just died in a freak car accident. As if that wasn’t horrific and devastating enough, their passing also meant that I no longer had a place to live. It seemed like my whole life was falling apart, and I was required to grieve and to make plans for the future all at once. Instead I did the most immature and pointless thing possible – I cleaned out my bank account, jumped in the car, and drove to Las Vegas. Before I could grieve, before I could start to figure out my future, I needed to clear my head, so spending a few days smoking cannabis and gambling in Las Vegas seemed like the only way to cheer myself up. You might think that I was running away from my problems, but I like to think that I was running towards Las Vegas. Besides, if a person does need to hide from their life for a few days, what better place to do it than Las Vegas? Before I found a place to stay I went to the liquor store, and then a cannabis dispensary. Both businesses gave me a card with a phone number I could call for deliveries, because Las Vegas knows how to take care of its guests. I didn’t even have to go back out to get booze or cannabis, because I could get it delivered to me anywhere in Las Vegas, no matter where I was. After a few days I had to leave Las Vegas and face my problems.


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