Orland Nature Center was a Sanctuary for my relaxation

I was running away from something that I was not even sure about myself.

It felt as though things were crashing inside my head, and everything seemed to move fast.

My therapist thought that I was taking up too much work than my brain could handle at the time. She felt that I needed a break or would have to commit me to a psych ward for evaluation. I decided to take a break and go away from my regular world for a few days. She suggested Orland PARK, IL, and specifically the Orland Nature Centre. My therapist knew how much I loved nature and could see how this would release me. T had been three years of starting a company that picked immediately. I planned to grow the company gradually and expand as I built the capacity to take in order. However, from my start to where I was, I experienced tremendous growth, which meant taking no breaks and more work. The pressure piled up, but I could not afford a holiday because most things depended on my input. I had to work on systems, and they were almost entirely in place so I could take a break, but I was adamant. My therapist booked a quiet hotel in Orland, fully equipped with a good AC because she knew it would help me calm down. She took care of my visits to specific places, starting with the nature center. I was immediately at peace when I walked into the Orland Nature Center. The sight of birds flying around in their natural habitat seemed to send me back to factory reset. My mind was unclogged, and I felt myself depressurize. I kept coming back to this palace for the days that I was around, and by day 5, I was ready to head back home since everything was clearer now.

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Unforgettable experience at the Hult center for performing arts

Nancy loved everything about performing arts, from the dressing up to the actual acts.

She had memorized some of the historical acts and contributors of performing art.

It was clear to everyone that cared to listen that this was her passion and future career. All through high school, she couldn’t keep it to herself. Thankfully, her parents thought it was cool, and they supported her even though they knew nothing about it. When we cleared high school, she wanted to tour different parts of the country, keen on supporting performing arts. Her target was performing art centers and museums. We had already been to three other states, and she was eager to visit Eugene’s fourth area. The elegance of the art center was one thing, but it still didn’t prepare us for the magnificent experience ahead. Unknown to me, NAncy had done her research and knew that this was the one palace we would be experimenting with cannabis since it was all legal. She was also glad that we had become legal citizens and could quickly get the best cannabis from the cannabis dispensaries in Eugene since we had IDs to prove it. Only when we visited one of these places, I finally understand why she was super excited. I was not sure if this was something I wanted to try just yet, but I still remained a supportive friend. In the end, it was worth it since Nancy agreed to try cannabis inside the hotel room as that was the only way I could agree to it since I was still playing safe.


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For the Love of Performing Art

Iris was always the unsettled one in school.

She would get in so much trouble because she was always exploring and entertaining everyone else, most of whom the school administration thought was a nuisance to them. It turns out that my friend was onto something none of us knew, performing art. She was very creative and seemed to be multi-talented. Think of dancing or even magic shows; Iris was a star. While she landed herself in many discipline cases, her parents seemed to have a way of getting her back to school. No one knew that she came from a family of well-connected aristocrats because she hid it so well. However, later in high school, I learned that her passion for the arts came from her grandparents. Both were famous ballet dancers back in the day. They would teach her some dance moves when she was younger and even encouraged her to follow her heart if art was what she wanted to do. One summer vacation, Iris invited me to go to the Denver center for performing arts with her grandparents. There was a competition that they were judges at, so we got free tickets. It was here that I interacted with artists from all over the country. I also noticed how carefree everyone was. Later in the hotel, I could smell something strange. Iris’s grandparents told us that it was cannabis. Several cannabis dispensaries in Denver sold products to people who were of age. It was legal to use cannabis here, so this was not a big deal. We went back home three days later, and I couldn’t help but remember how fun Denver had been. One day, I will be Iris’s manager and go with her to all these beautiful places. I finally understood why art was so mesmerizing.

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Hiking Mount Spokane with my girlfriend

My girlfriend and I had an annual challenge to go hiking together no matter how busy we were. We always planned so that both of us could cancel our schedules and ensure that the set days were free to do just that. We were both business executives in busy industries, and it was not easy to find time to bond and relax. The best we could do regularly were quick dinners every weekend and sometimes a day or two in each other’s houses during the weekdays whenever our schedules did not involve a lot of traveling. However, we genuinely loved each other and did not mind putting in the hard work. We were always eager for the few hours we got, as we maximized them and made sure they were quality moments. Therefore, the hiking weekends were the highlights of our times together. This time around, our challenge was mt Spokane, and we went at a time when winter was just around the corner. The cold weather was showing signs all over, but we still had to do it. Fortunately, we brought a few friends to keep us motivated whenever we felt like giving up. We were to be around for five days, which meant that working with daily targets was ideal. We would set camp and use a portable heater to keep us warm. We loved the fresh air, and the marked terrains made it easy to scale the difficult areas. It was worth it and a great introduction to more significant challenges we plan to take on in the future.

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Daniel took his girlfriend to the downtown Santa Barbara food tour when she moved in

It was Daniel’s turn to enjoy something he liked with the woman he loved

Daniel and Alice have been together since high school. Many of their friends did not believe their relationship could last. They both went to college in different states but somehow managed to beat the odds. After graduating from college, Daniel landed himself a job in Santa Barbara. Alice moved back home and began an online business that was doing good. After some time, Daniel proposed to Alice. He asked if she would move to Santa Barbara and live with him. Alice did not hesitate since her whole venture could work anywhere in the world. A month later, she was all moved in and eager to explore the magnificent coastal city. Their first adventure was spending time at the downtown Santa Barbara food tour. This was an event that took place in summer, and they could enjoy different cuisines. Alice loved food, and such events were the highlight of her days. In addition, she got to sample some of the finest wines in the area. After the event, they chose to walk for some time and came upon a weed dispensary. Alice wanted to try out a few things since weed is legal in Santa Barbara. Daniel did not even hesitate since he frequented such pot shops ever since he moved there. Their next adventure involved some kayaks and the open waters. It was Daniel’s turn to enjoy something he liked with the woman he loved. The kayak tour was leisurely, and it became an activity they did often. Most pictures on their phones were of different animals like seals that they interacted with on the way.

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I finally got a chance to see inside the Old Evansville Courthouse after 5 years in the city

The hotel had offered to get us a tour guide, but we wanted to explore independently

When mom retired from her job, I promised her we would travel the country together. She always had the dream of making a bucket list. So, we came up with a plan last year to see some fantastic places. Our tour of the country would start with the city of Evansville in Indiana. Mom had never been there, but she knew some of our ancestors had called this area home before migrating north. It was such a special trip, and it made sense to start at a place we called home long ago. I got some time off work, and we booked our flights to Evansville during the summer. Mom booked a lovely hotel online, and we got a cab to this location from the airport. It was a charming boutique hotel with five-star services. I also noticed its AC system was top-notch, which was essential to us. The weather in Evansville proved to be quite something since it was already quite hot at the start of summer. We got settled in the hotel and had some time to relax before we began exploring the city. Mom had bought a map of the area plus a tourist guide to check out. There were plenty of incredible places we would see during the two-week tour of this fantastic city. The following morning, we got ready and went to have breakfast. The hotel had offered to get us a tour guide, but we wanted to explore independently. We got the tour guide map out and began seeking our first location. This was the old courthouse which was a fantastic building that told plenty of stories about the history of Indiana.


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Morris went on a solo vacation to Colorado last fall

The following day he had a full itinerary of places he wanted to visit in Denver

Morris had a month free in summer and was thinking of what to do. He had no intentions of staying at home and decided to tick another place off his bucket list. He had a wheel he made a long time ago of places in the US to visit when he grew up and had money to travel. Morris had a great job that afforded him the luxury of traveling. He sat in his room one night and spanned the wheel. It landed in Colorado. That was so exciting since he’d always wanted to tour Denver. Morris booked the flight and flew to Denver. He preferred to stay in a furnished apartment rather than a hotel. The hotels were full of tourists, so this was a much better place for him to stay. The tour of Colorado was going to last him a month, so he wanted to stock up on groceries. The supermarket had everything he needed, plus he wanted to pass by the marijuana shop to get some CBD candles. Being in a new place was exciting. But he also had a tough time sleeping. The CBD candles would help him relax and sleep through the night. As he was shopping, he decided to get some take-out after. He was tired and just needed to have dinner and go to bed. The following day he had a full itinerary of places he wanted to visit in Denver. The list was extensive, but he would try and squeeze in as many outdoor adventures as possible before the month was over.


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Famous Folks from Buffalo

Many people may not realize that Buffalo New York has been home to tons of famous people.

  • From artists to politicians to great business minds, Buffalo has been home to them all.

Despite the fact that Buffalo often has extremely harsh Winters, most of the people who have ever lived in Buffalo will tell you that it is the most amazing place. Buffalo is in Upstate New York, and its political leanings tend to be more conservative than its liberal cousin New York City. Buffalo is located adjacent to Lake Erie and Niagara Falls and Canada. Obviously, Buffalo is cold cold cold. With that kind of climate. It is very necessary to have a really good heating system in your home or business. Most homes make use of oil furnaces, which is not like the Southeastern part of the country, which almost exclusively uses electric heating. Oil furnaces are much more efficient than electric heating systems. Therefore, that is what is necessary in Buffalo. Despite the harsh winters and maybe because of the beautiful summers, there have been a lot of successful people who have called Buffalo New York home. Some examples of amazing people from Buffalo include: Henry Wells and William Fargo; if those names sound familiar, it is because they were the founders of today’s big bank called Wells Fargo. Seymour Knox is another famous person from Buffalo. If you don’t know who Seymour Knox is, you will certainly know his company. Knox is the founder of Woolworth’s. When Knox opened the first Woolworth store, it was the first place to have air conditioning in the summer. Isn’t that amazing? Other famous people include Orange Hormel, the founder of Hormel Foods, Ace Sheldon, an American journalist, and Millard Fillmore, the 13th president of the United States.


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I falsely assumed that I could survive in Albuquerque without indoor heat

It took me several years before I decided that I wanted to apply to graduate school.

Although I had my degree from undergraduate college, I wasn’t really doing anything related to sociology in the years working as a sales associate for a large sporting goods retailer. I managed to pay off the rest of my student debt and seriously considered the idea of reentering academia. Although jobs are highly competitive in any academic discipline, the social sciences aren’t that much better off than the humanities for instance. In short, the number of tenure positions at universities is not going to increase at any time soon for people looking to teach sociology or any else that doesn’t follow the “hard” sciences. I ended up applying to the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and was accepted into their PhD program for sociology. I had never been to New Mexico before, but I assumed it was like Phoenix. Previously I lived in Phoenix for a few years with my family and we rarely needed indoor heat at any point during the year. The temperatures in the winter would sometimes dip into the 30s, but usually it never dropped below 45 degrees. With warm clothing, you can get by without needing indoor heat. However, once I moved to Albuquerque and lived here during the cold season for a few weeks, I realized how cold it gets as the winter trudges forward. I ended up buying a radiant space heater soon after moving to the city. It’s nice living in a desert city that has a much more mild climate than other places out west.
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I shouldn’t have parked next to the garbage can

My brothers and I decided to head over to San Francisco to go to a concert.

The city is around a 2 hour drive from our residence, but the concert was one of the first after the quarantine was over.

I wanted to attend the show and so did my brothers… Every one of us decided to stop at a recreational cannabis shop in San Francisco a good 30 minutes away from the concert site. Every one of us took care to check all of the prices of recreational cannabis in the area and the people I was with and I thought it best to go for the cheapest prices. Every one of us found many recreational cannabis shops that were closer to the concert site, but the prices were legitimately higher. I parked the automobile in a space next to the garbage can. My brothers and I headed inside the cannabis shop to browse the selection they had. I picked up my order before anybody else and went outside to the automobile to wait for my brothers… All of a sudden, I heard a terribly loud and screeching sound. I turned around and came to realize that the sound I heard was the garbage truck. When the truck picked up the can, he ended up scraping the whole side of my car. The automobile was totally disfigured and I had to get a hold of the insurance dealer. My brothers honestly didn’t want to wait at the dispensary while I was there having a conversation with the police, but the people I was with and I were too far away from the locale for anyone to leave without me. Even though the damage to the automobile was really horrible, the people I was with and I still made our way from the scene. After I took the automobile to the dealership, I ended up finding out that the damage was going to cost almost $6,500 to repair.

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