Enjoying the city but glad we don’t live there

There are so many things you can do in Chicago.

First, there is the Chicago Blackhawks.

They are a professional hockey team that typically does good. Seeing a professional game is always a fun time. When you live in a colder area like Illinois, hockey is a bigger deal. There are also major league baseball teams that people go crazy over. The city also offers Broadway shows, dances, comedians and big named musicians come to the area from time to time. I don’t live in Chicago though. I live around 2.5 hours away in Libertyville. I live just close enough to enjoy the benefits of the city, but far away enough to be in a smaller town. I like that I know everyone in town and they know me. I like that the cost of living is much lower. I enjoy having a giant house, a good plot of land and the best heating system on the market. If I wanted to live in the city, I would be in a dingy apartment with a space heater. It is worth the drive to get the city stuff. My husband and I make it a date night once a month. We get a hotel in the city and see something that is happening there. During hockey season we pick a game that might be good and get a hotel right by the rink. We can get totally hammered and stumble back to our hotel. The next day we can enjoy brunch in the city and then have a reasonable drive to our home.

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The high school in Orland park is named for Carl Sandburg

All three of my children attended Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois.

My wife and I also graduated from Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois.

The school has been open since the 1950s. Before the area was a school, the site was surrounded by cornfields, Forest land, and a lake. The school board chose the name of the school after the poet Carl Sandburg. It is one of the only public high schools in Orland Park. The high school does very well in sports and academics. All three of my children played Sports in high school. The last child graduated a couple of years ago. Mary was on the volleyball and the basketball team. During one of the last basketball games of the year, my wife and I had to sit through one of the coldest indoor matches. It was the end of the season and close to choosing teams for the district finals. There was no heat in the gym, but both teams chose to play the basketball game. Most of the people cheering for the teams were bundled up because of the lack of heat. The game was extremely close and I didn’t want to leave for a moment. My wife went outside to the car a couple of times so she could warm up with the heater running. At the end of the game, Orland Park out-scored the visiting team and went on to play in the district finals game. We didn’t have to worry about the heat at that game, because it was held at the nearby college gymnasium.
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Had to relocate and I don’t mind it

My husband recently got promoted at work and had to relocate our family. He had a few options on where we could go. There were places down south, major cities and spots along the coast. The two of us ended up getting Libertyville Illinois. At first I was seriously bummed. I have lived in a warmer climate my whole life. Have you ever looked up the monthly weather in Illinois? It is ridiculously cold. I figured I would hate it so much. After living there a full year I realized that I like cooler weather. I like being able to wear long pants and a jacket. Where I used to live, it was shorts all year long. It also was AC for most of the year. Now in Libertyville, the focus is heating. I much prefer dealing with a heating system than an air conditioner. AC systems get mold, mildew and algae in them. There is something super gross about that. With heating systems, they just get dusty and rusty. I invested in a seasonal HVAC plan that has the HVAC contractor checking my system a few times a year. It keeps my furnace working in tip top shape. I never have to go a day without heating. Since I have such a good heating system, I really don’t mind the cold. My husband even bought a snow blower and salt to take care of the ice. Our area is pretty cheap to live in and there always seems to be something going on in town. My kids like it a lot better.

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I stayed in a hotel in Evansville during a road trip to Ohio

I don’t take a lot of roadtrips now that I’m a father of two and have a wife with chronic health problems.

  • The only time I’m on the road longer for more than a few hours is when my employer needs me to visit an important client.

Last week I had to drive straight to Toledo, Ohio without air travel. Even though I’m compensated for the gasoline, I don’t like putting the wear and tear on my car. When I packed my car and planned the trip itinerary on my phone, I realized that the trip would take at least two days. I would need to stop for the night on the first day, but I don’t like sleeping in my car on the side of the internet at a car stop because of the horrible stories I’ve heard over the years. Based on where I expected to be around 8pm that day, I would be driving through Indiana near Evansville. Stopping in a hotel in Evansville seemed like a great idea, especially if I could get a room with a view of the Ohio river. That led me to stay in Goosetown near Mickey’s Kingdom Park to be exact. I arrived at around 8:30pm and had a chance to look at the river the second I got out of my car. I was amazed at the sight and could barely make out Sigeco Beach on the other side of the river. Unfortunately the air conditioner in the hotel wasn’t working properly and I had to be moved to a room that doesn’t have a view of the river. I’d rather be in a room with a working air conditioner and heater, but I was disappointed that I missed out on my view of the Ohio River during my trip to Evansville, Indiana.

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A wine tour in a different city

When I booked a plane ticket to California, the idea was to spend a few days sightseeing and do a wine tour.

I told a few friends I was going to do a Napa Valley wine tour based out of San Francisco and everyone advised against it.

Apparently the people associated with that are kind of snobbish and rude. The wine train is fun but the stops along the way aren’t. Enough people reviewed it poorly that I started looking elsewhere. I already had a ticket to California, I just needed a wine stop. I didn’t want to tour a small winery, but a lot of larger ones. I ended up finding a wine tour that is based out of Santa Barbara. You can still taste Napa wines but on this different tour. The cost of it is much cheaper since you aren’t on a physical train. I also like the area of Santa Barbara and I like it so much better than San Francisco. It is less of a major city feel and more of a luxury area. There is so much to do there that it is a bit overwhelming. I found parks, museums, shopping, public gardens and so much more. I even forgot in my planning that recreational cannabis is allowed in the state. I made sure to book a hotel that is right by a recreational weed shop. I am excited. I can try out some Californian wine and then enjoy legal weed on the same day. I think the trip is going to be so much fun.

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Brother moved to Washington and the weather is better

When my brother graduated college he told the family he no longer wanted to live in New York.

Our home state isn’t really great. Everything is expensive, restricted and the whole state is going to shambles. It also is just horrible weather wise. Basically all year long it is winter. New York winters are colder than Iceland, fun fact. The sun comes down in feet and comes early. I remember trick or treating and hunting for Easter eggs in the snow. I had one year in college that I had to wear winter gear the entire time. When my brother landed in Spokane Washington, everyone was confused. I figured Washington would be just as cold. He moved four hours away to have the same problems? That made no sense. Well my brother has lived in Washington for a year and just loves it. His winters are cold, but not like ours. He gets no lower than 25 degrees in the dead of winter. In New York I have dealt with -25 degrees before which is a big difference. The summers in New York are a joke. It is basically a bit of humidity in the morning followed by cold nights. In Spokane my brother actually gets a summer. He enjoys high 70s and 80s for a few months out of the year. He actually owns an air conditioner and operates it. Our family has never owned a cooling system before. There was really no point. He actually gets to experience all four distinct seasons and enjoy them. I want to move to Spokane now.


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I called someone about the furnace because it was ticking

The furnace technician offered to fix the part of the machine that does this automatically and I thought that was a great idea

The first time I ever used a gas furnace, I freaked out when the furnace didn’t provide heat. It wasn’t just that the furnace didn’t provide heat, but it was also making a strange ticking noise. The ticking sound was almost like a countdown timer on a bomb. I probably watch too many scary movies, because the sound of the ticking really scared me and I contacted a heating and AC repair service in Tampa Bay. It wasn’t cheap to call the Tampa Bay heating and AC repair service, but I was worried the house would blow up and I would perish in the fire. The service technician arrived about 45 minutes after I made the call. The service center must have been close to my address, because the traffic in Tampa Bay is always very heavy. The furnace repair technician performed a couple of services and then he told me that the problem was solved. I seriously thought the guy was joking, but he showed me what was occurring. The ticking sound was happening because there was no gas getting to the furnace. I had to light the pilot light manually. The furnace technician offered to fix the part of the machine that does this automatically and I thought that was a great idea. After all, I already had to pay for him to come to the house. It was only an extra $17 for the technician to replace the broken part so I would not have to light the pilot every time I choose to turn on the heat


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My boss thought he was going to get lucky

During the day I work at a company that handles accounting for small businesses.

I don’t have an accounting degree, but I still earn a decent amount of money.

When my wife and I divorced, I had to pay child support and the mortgage on my old home. The San Francisco Bay home is really large and near the water and my wife and children wanted to continue to live in the house. I was strapped for money, but my boss refused to give me any more money. I started working nights at a San Francisco Bay Area cannabis shop. I used my smart car to deliver cannabis orders throughout the city. I spend a couple of bucks every night on gas but I make a fortune. A few weeks ago, I took a cannabis delivery to a really nice house in the suburbs. I thought I recognized the car in the driveway, and I knew for sure when my boss answered the door of the house. He looked just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He started stuttering and he tried to tell me that the cannabis items weren’t for him. That next day, I went right to his office and demanded a raise. Since I knew he was using cannabis, I had one card to play. He agreed to bump up my pay by $2 every hour if I agreed not to speak of the cannabis incident to anyone at all. I’m not proud of extorting a raise from my boss, but I felt it was necessary to get what I need.



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Recreational cannabis is reason to move to California

My wife insisted that my mother was a problem in our relationship.

  • My mom was constantly trying to butt into our business, but I didn’t realize it was a problem until my wife threatened to take all seven of our children and leave.

I was devastated leaving my mom behind, and I didn’t want to move at all. Since I agreed to leave my mom and my childhood home, my wife let me choose the new location for our home. My wife’s family has a ton of money, so the geographical location was not as much of a problem as it might be for some people. Recreational Cannabis seemed like a great reason to move to California. I loved smoking weed from time to time. California is a large state and there are lots of places to live, but San Francisco sounded like a really nice area. My wife and I looked for real estate in San Francisco and we quickly realized that it was going to be far too expensive to live in the city. We had to look outside of San Francisco. We found a beautiful house on the beach about 45 minutes away from San Francisco. We have a short drive to reach the Bay Area and there are millions of things to do in the city. Since my wife and I have moved to the San Francisco bay area, we have taken the children to a few different places. The kids really enjoy going to the beach or the bay and they like six flags too.

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Denver has the best cannabis dispensaries

Party responsibility in Denver, people, I cannot stress this enough! I myself rarely touch booze, because it hits me so hard, and also because Denver has more kinds of cannabis dispensaries then I could ever need.

Does Denver have the best high altitude cannabis in America? Yes it does! Being the Mile High City is basically a gimmick for marketing and tourism, but it also impacts our way of life in ways the coastal regions may not understand. Did you know that at high altitudes the basic science of cooking changes, and requires slightly different preparation? It does! Although we are a city well known for our cannabis dispensaries, the cultivation of that plant is also a little harder to do in Denver. On the plus side, golfers love Denver because on average a shot will go 10% farther than it will in lower lying areas. When it comes to booze, you should really be careful when you visit, because the Mile High City will get you higher as our alcoholic drinks work twice as well at this altitude. Party responsibility in Denver, people, I cannot stress this enough! I myself rarely touch booze, because it hits me so hard, and also because Denver has more kinds of cannabis dispensaries then I could ever need. Don’t go thinking that every cannabis dispensary in Denver is the same, because there are a few ones I like for different reasons. Sometimes I want a place to get some vape cartridges or some edibles, and hang out for a while, and other times I just want to buy a large quantity of weed and go home to party. No matter what kind of mood I am in, Denver has the perfect cannabis dispensary for me, which is why I love it here.


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