We drove over to the city for the day and it was a ton of fun

My friends and I go to school in San Jose, which is about a 90-minute drive from San Francisco.

When we don’t have to stay at school, we usually go to the city on the weekends.

I have a car, so I don’t mind driving my friends and I to the city. There’s a lot more activities in the Bay Area than there are in San Jose. Last weekend we drove over to the city for the day and we had a ton of fun. We met a couple of girls that go to the same college as us and we hung out with them most of the morning. I’m pretty sure they wanted to hang out with my friends and I, because we had marijuana. The girls did not have any marijuana, but they seemed interested in smoking weed. Jack and I had gone to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary earlier that morning and we picked out some really good items. The San Francisco marijuana dispensary had several infused marijuana joints. They also had some heavy-hitting and super potent THC gummies. I bought two bags of those, because they were buy one and get one for half off. The edible gummies tasted like lemonade. They actually had a really nice effect. I felt calm and relaxed all day, even when we got a flat tire. I knew that I had all of the parts to change that tire, so I didn’t worry at all when I realized that the car needed service. Jack stood outside and made sure that I was safe from being hit and I changed the tire in about 15 minutes. We were back on the road in no time at all.

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I was finding cheaper prices on weed in Los Angeles

My friends and I are about an hour outside of Los angeles.

When we want to buy recreational marijuana supplies, we usually drive to the city.

The prices in the city of Los Angeles are cheaper for marijuana. It does depend on where you go, but if you look really hard, you can find exceptionally low prices. I went to a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles when my friends and I were there for a concert. We were in an area where the marijuana prices were reasonable. I was most interested in buying a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints. I thought they would be easy to smoke while we were enjoying the rock and roll concert. I told the bartender about the concert and she suggested going with a disposable vape pen instead. She told us that the Los Angeles security guards are really particular about smoking marijuana in public, even in the concert venues. Because I was not sure if she was right or not, I decided that it was best to go with the vape pen. I also bought some pre-rolled marijuana joints to smoke before and after the concert. I bought a gorilla glue number 4 disposable vape pen. The hybrid was really nice and it was super easy to vape and get high without drawing any attention to myself. It was certainly much easier than smoking a joint in front of the crowded Los Angeles arena. I hit the disposable marijuana pens so many times that the thing was empty by the time we walked outside. I vaped a whole gram of live resin concentrate in less than 3 hours.

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I made a new friend at the dog park

On the weekends when I don’t have to work, I take my dog to the park. There are several nice dog parks in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I prefer to go to the park that is close to the water. There are more benches and places for people to sit. There are also obstacles for the dogs to work on their agility and strength. Last Saturday I was hanging out at the dog park and it was a little overcast. There really weren’t that many people in the park. I was surprised that one of the people chose to sit on the same bench as me. The woman struck up a conversation. She seemed very nice and polite. She was quite beautiful and attractive and she had a nice smile and green eyes. She told me about her dog. He was making friends with my dog over by the agility run. She told me that she worked in Ann Arbor at a marijuana shop. I mentioned my love of marijuana and she got a joint out of her purse. She told me that the joint came from the Ann Arbor marijuana dispensary. She offered to smoke the joint with me. I would have probably said no normally, but she was beautiful and the park was empty. We smoked the marijuana joint and I laughed and had a great time while the dogs played in the park. I made a new friend for the first time in a long time. We can meet every Saturday at the park and talk about our dogs while enjoying a discreet marijuana joint together.

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We hiked into Paradise Falls with a vape pen and I proposed to my wife at last

I asked her out on a date and we visited a restaurant on Lynn Rd before walking to the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden.

I have an apartment in Conejo Valley, but I haven’t ventured outside to explore since moving to Thousand Oaks for work reasons. It’s nice having access to so many cannabis delivery services being in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. You don’t need to leave the apartment, especially when you have such great vaporizers and water pipes like I do. This is how it was when I was living in Detroit, Michigan prior to moving to the Conejo Valley. Michigan, like California, also has both recreational and medical cannabis sales. So while I was working from my apartment in Detroit, I would often order from the cannabis delivery services in the city. I knew that I would likely do the same thing after moving to Thousand Oaks. However, there are so many great places to go walking or hiking in Ventura County that I’ve been getting out of the house more than I have in the last 10 years combined. I met my current wife after moving to Thousand Oaks. We met in the produce section at the Whole Foods Market on N Moorpark Rd and exchanged phone numbers. I asked her out on a date and we visited a restaurant on Lynn Rd before walking to the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden. One day we decided to hike to Paradise Falls with our favorite cannabis vape pen. These cannabis oil pens are made out of single strains like OG Kush or Sour Diesel. When we finally got to the waterfall, I got down on one knee and proposed to my wife. I was overcome with joy when she immediately said yes!

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My rich friend lives off Sunset Boulevard and has elaborate marijuana infused parties

My friend John graduated from college in the east and immediately set his eyes on California as a place to settle.

At the time California was one of the few places in the country where you could legally purchase medical cannabis from a legal cannabis dispensary.

John wanted to work in the marijuana industry and it didn’t take him long to find a job as a trimmer. However, the climb up the ladder from trimmer to grower was long and arduous. You can’t keep asking your boss for a promotion when one doesn’t exist, so John resigned himself to being patient and making the right moves when the opportunities would present themselves. How he managed to get an apprenticeship with an elite master grower, I cannot say. But now John lives off Sunset Boulevard and reports to the grow house in Pasadena every single day. He often has elaborate marijuana infused parties at various mansions in Beverly Hills and Laurel Canyon. He invited me to one while I was visiting him in Los Angeles once. It was nice getting so stoned that I passed out in a guest bedroom at 2am and didn’t wake up until 10 hours later. His cannabis finds its way to dispensaries all over Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. While there are a number of taxes on marijuana sold in Los Angeles, the richer folks living near the Hills can usually afford these rates. I’m happy getting cannabis in my home state and paying less, even if the quality isn’t the same as the weed I smoked while partying in Beverly Hills.

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A big city with a small town feel

Living in the state of Washington is unlike anything else I have experienced.

I have traveled a lot in my days, and lived in a handful of different countries.

Once I set foot in Washington, for the first time in my life I felt like I was home. Partially this is because of the amazing landscapes we have here. There is no more beautiful place in the world than Washington, but that isn’t why this place feels like home – it’s the people. The citizens of Seattle, Washington and the surrounding area are among the kindest, most welcoming people in the world. Is this the result of the massive quantities of cannabis that are bought and sold here on a daily basis? I don’t think so. The people of Seattle don’t smoke a lot of weed because of all the dispensaries, quite the opposite! There are so many cannabis dispensaries in Seattle because the citizens have been huge proponents of weed for decades. For being such a major city and center of industry, Seattle has always had a very relaxed and progressive attitude towards marijuana. When medical marijuana was legalized in Seattle it was because the people here demanded it! This is partially because there were waves of hippies who settled in Seattle in the 60s after fleeing the military draft in California. Those hippies brought all their cannabis seeds and growing gear to Seattle with them, which jump-started the cannabis industry here. Ever since then Seattle has taken a relaxed attitude towards marijuana, which is one of the things that makes this city so cool.


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I live outside of Denver

Now that I am retired I can spend as much time as I want pursuing the best pictures. I am an amateur photographer, and have been for decades. Working a full time job and raising and family does not leave a lot of extra time for hobbies. I waited a long time to be able to immerse myself in the world of photography, and for the last 2 years that is exactly what I have been doing. I spend 30 to 40 hours a week in the woods looking for the perfect shots, and twice that much time editing! Because I live in the forest outside of Denver, Colorado, I never have to worry about subject matter, because this is the most beautiful place in the world. I rarely ever go to Denver, and I have never taken any photos there, because I prefer nature photography. But while I don’t want to live in the city, there is a reason that I chose to live so close to Denver. Although I have the solitude and tranquility of nature all around me, I am just a 15 minute drive from the outskirts of Denver, which gives me access to a lot of resources. If I lived farther away from Denver I might have to grow my own weed, but thanks to local cannabis dispensaries I don’t need to do that. Denver is so close I can go there whenever I need, but it is far enough away that I can forget about it altogether… until the next time I want to get cannabis.


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Air conditioners are necessary for comfort in the Tampa Bay area

I am hoping that this hurricane season is mild because I don’t want to deal with not having air conditioning while the weather is still hot outside

We are currently in hurricane season, which means we are getting rain almost every day. Living in Tampa, you get used to the afternoon showers, but lately it seems like we have been getting more rain than normal. I have been living in Tampa for about 20 years now, I don’t think I have seen this much rain in a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the rain, and I am used to it. I just plan my day around the afternoon showers. While the rain is fine, the hurricanes are another story. At times, they can be so unpredictable. We will get word from the news that the storm will miss us, but then at the last minute some storms make unexpected turns and they will head straight for us. When there is a storm like that, it’s almost guaranteed that we will lose power. If could be for a few hours or it could be for days at a time. I don’t have a generator, so if I lose power, I would be uncomfortable in a hot house. Having no air conditioner in Tampa is no easy feat. It is something we depend on as part of living a comfortable life. The temperatures can soar close to 100 degrees, and the humidity and the heat index makes it feel worse. I am hoping that this hurricane season is mild because I don’t want to deal with not having air conditioning while the weather is still hot outside. Air conditioners are necessary for comfort when living in Tampa.

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Rocklin has a great climate for tent camping in the spring

There are places around the country that have a mediterranean climate. California is one of those places. There are areas in California where there are dry summer temperatures and mild, wet winters. Rocklin is one of those places with a mediterranean climate. The city is located just outside of Sacramento. Rocklin is a great place to live, because it isn’t in the city. It is a quiet place with a lot of great communities and neighbors. My wife and I decided to move to Rocklin because of the price of real estate. We wanted to buy a house instead of renting a condo. We bought a much bigger house in Rocklin than we would have been able to afford in the city. My wife and I love to take our kids tent camping in the spring. Rocklin has a great climate for tent camping, especially during the spring. Rocklin rarely gets snow, so it warms up quickly when spring is near. We don’t use the heat or the AC in the house until summer is near. We do have some summer days when the AC is absolutely necessary. When we go camping in the spring, we don’t need to worry about climate control. We can open the windows on the tent and let the air move gently through during the day and at night. During the spring, Rockland temperatures are usually in the 70s or ’80s. With a light breeze and a Mediterranean climate, the night time temperatures are cooler. Once we get inside of the tent and into our sleeping bags, we sleep very well.

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I went fishing with the guys on my day off

On my day off work, I like to do something outdoors.

I prefer to go fishing when I have good weather and a day all to myself.

My girlfriend doesn’t prefer to go fishing, but we usually pick an outdoor activity. Sometimes we go hiking in the Park and sometimes we go mountain biking on the trails. There are lots of things to do in Orland Park, Illinois. Sometimes my girlfriend and I go bowling or we go to the movie theater. Sometimes we join friends at a bar. It depends on our mood and the day of the week. Orland Park is a great place to live and one of the larger suburbs outside of the city of Chicago. I used to live in the city and then I decided to buy a house in the country. The house was a pretty good deal because it needed a lot of repairs. I took a day away from the repairs to hang out with some friends and go fishing. When I came back to the house there was no cold air at all coming out of the air conditioner. The air was warm. I tried to remedy the problem on my own, but I had to call an Orland Park AC repair provider. I called the same AC repair provider in Orland Park that I contacted last time there was an issue with the AC unit. The technician that handled the last repair was not available, but they did have another technician in the area that could be at my home in Orland Park in less than an hour.


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