We couldn't believe how many marijuana dispensaries were on the block.

When we went to Las Vegas, Nevada, we went directly from the airport to our hotel.

  • My husband and I were exhausted from the eight hours of being cooped up in an airplane.

I wanted to get a shower, and he was ready for a nap. On our way from the airport to the hotel, the driver of the airport transport van was showing us items of interest on our hotel block. One thing that was cool was that we could see the large Ferris wheel that was part of one of the hotel casinos. Our hotel was less than three blocks from the main casino strip. As we continued our slow trip down the Boulevard, our driver also pointed out the many cannabis dispensaries located on the block. He stated that ever since the legalization of recreational marijuana, this area had become a hub of activity. I was amazed at how many cannabis dispensaries could be put on one block. Each had a different name and I would’ve never realized they were cannabis dispensaries if someone had not told me. Along with all the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas, NE, was a seedier side I didn’t know existed. I looked around where we were going, a part of me wondering if we were in a safe part of town. The driver assured us that we were staying in a hotel that was known for its safety measures and opulence. Aside from the marijuana dispensary and occasional homeless person, I found the deserts and nightlife to be more fun than I imagined.


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Hollywood actors love to shop at the beverly hills dispensary

I found a job working at a dispensary in downtown Beverly Hills.

I got the job by luck to be honest.

I was shopping with a friend and I knew a lot of information about one of the marijuana strains in the dispensary. A customer was asking one of the budtenders about the marijuana strain. The guy didn’t have much information to offer, so I stepped in to add my opinion. The manager of the dispensary asked me if I was looking for a job. At the time I was working at a studio, but working at a marijuana dispensary sounded like a lot of fun. In this particular Beverly Hills dispensary, there are a lot of high-end and top-shelf marijuana products. Most of the marijuana products are completely out of my price range. The top shelf marijuana dispensary in Beverly Hills only sells live resin, rosin, diamonds, and sauce. The cheapest item on the menu is $65. I prefer to spend my money at places other than the Beverly Hills dispensary. I receive a 30% discount on all of the products in the store, and it’s still too expensive for me. I’d rather drive an hour or two into the middle of the state. There are five or six dispensaries two hours away from Beverly Hills that have marijuana for half the prices as they do in the city. It makes sense to shop around unless you have a ton of money at your disposal. I can find grams of live resin for twenty bucks all day if I drive out of the main part of the city.



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The lady was devastated by the news

Every once in a while, a customer is absolutely shocked and surprised to hear that they need a new heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner.

I absolutely hate to be the person to deliver the bad news, but that is part of my job.

I work in the repair industry as a service technician for heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. I work for a business located in Lansing, Illinois. The Lansing service provider pays me very well. I have been with the company for the past 9 months. I handle all repairs in Lansing and I also travel to Northern Cook County as well. There is another branch of the HVAC service provider that handles Northern Cook County, but I take whatever repair calls need to be handled. Last Monday I went to a service appointment in Lansing. The woman called because her furnace was not heating at all. The machine appeared to have plenty of fuel. That isn’t a very good sign, because running out of fuel is one of the biggest problems that can cause the furnace not to work. Other issues are much more expensive to fix. The woman was in the middle of nursing a baby when I knocked on the door. I saw two other kids in the living room and I heard voices of children in the bedroom as well. The woman clearly looks like she had her hands full. I told her that I was there to service the furnace. After evaluating the furnace, I realized that she needed a brand new machine. It was hard to deliver this bad news to the woman with six or more children running around the house.


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I called the HVAC company for help with the AC

I had a party at my home and I invited lots of friends from the neighborhood.

I had a house full of people when the AC broke down. I was embarrassed, sad, and devastated. I didn’t know who to call. One of my neighbors suggested a company in Tampa Bay that handles weekend HVAC repairs. I contacted the HVAC provider and the company representative answered the phone on the first ring. A very nice and polite woman asked for some general information. I told her my name, telephone number, make and model of the machine and my home, and a brief explanation of the problem occurring was the system. The woman asked me to hold for a few minutes. A gentleman came to the phone. He asked me a couple of more questions about the HVAC unit. These questions were much more detailed. He agreed to come to my home to evaluate and examine the system. I told all of my guests that the party had to end early because of the problems with the air conditioner. My best friend was the only person still at the house when help arrived. The young and handsome HVAC technician flirted with my friend when he got there. I told my friend to flirt harder, so we could get a big discount on the repairs. She laughed, but I was actually being serious. I knew the repairs to the air conditioner were going to be expensive and I wasn’t looking forward to paying the bill from the Tampa Bay HVAC service provider.


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Blue dream can be a hard strain to find

That’s when I try to stock up for the next month

I’ve been a marijuana smoker most of my life and I can say with certainty that I am happy to finally have legal recreational marijuana available in my area. I honestly didn’t think it would happen while I was alive. I knew it would eventually occur, because marijuana is extremely useful in a number of medical applications. The dispensaries were ready to go when marijuana was legalized. The city of Portland was a hot place for cannabis dispensaries and pot shops. Things have died down since the beginning of legalization, but there are still a number of dispensaries in the city of Portland that cater to the recreational and medical marijuana crowd. I prefer to use sativa strains like Jack Herer, blue dream, and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream is one of the hardest strains to find in a Portland marijuana dispensary. I’m not sure why it is difficult to find this particular marijuana strain, but I rarely see blue dream in any of the Portland dispensary locations. I’ve become accustomed to using whatever sativa strain is on sale. Sometimes the marijuana dispensary offers prices at 30% off when they are getting rid of the product. That’s when I try to stock up for the next month. The demo concentrates never get used, but the boxes are always open. The dispensary can’t sell the products after they have been opened, so they offer them as prizes and raffles and wheel spins. It would be nice to find a place that strictly keeps blue dream in stock, but I’m still happy to have access to this important plant.


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My friend moved to Denver last year and I wanted to visit

My best friend moved to Denver last year, and I decided to visit the guy this summer.

He wanted me to visit during the winter months so we could enjoy skiing and the snow, but I wasn’t the least bit interested in flying to Denver in the middle of winter.

I was interested in visiting Jack in Denver, because of the legal marijuana laws. Legal recreational marijuana was one of the biggest reasons why Jack decided to move when his job opened a new branch in the city of Denver. I was bummed out that my best friend moved out of the city and state, but I understood why he made the choice. As soon as I had the opportunity to visit, I hopped on an airplane and took a direct flight all the way to Denver. As soon as the plane landed, I wanted to go to a legal recreational marijuana dispensary. Jack knew the best place to go in Denver for marijuana and he took me there immediately. I bought a lot of different items. I felt like a kid in the candy store. All of the packages had bright colors and cool names. The place had a huge selection of edible cannabis treats like gummy worms, bears, and coins as well as chocolate, corn nuts, and cookies. I’ve never seen so many different marijuana items in the same place. It was almost overwhelming and I spent $200 on mairjuana. I didn’t plan to spend that much money on weed, so I had to watch my spending on souvenirs at the end of the trip.


Dispensary Denver Colorado

With gas at 6.49, I switched over to delivery services

When I was 18 years old, I got a job working at the sawmill.

Iron a lot of money in one summer.

I managed to buy a really nice truck. It was easily the nicest truck in town if you ask me. It was listed on an 8in frame with giant mud and snow tires. It had a sound system with subwoofers and speakers. The truck was absolutely perfect. Even though gas was expensive, I didn’t mind paying for diesel. Of course, now things are much different. When I started driving the truck, the price of gas was only $2.79 a gallon. Now the cost of gas is $6.49. I still work at the sawmill, but my pay has not gone up that much and the price of gas is now costing me a fortune. It has become particularly difficult for me to leave the house unless it is necessary. I simply can’t afford to pay for gas. Thankfully there are a lot of places around the Denver area that offer delivery services. I can have many different types of food delivered, like Pizza, Wings, Mexican food, Chinese, Thai, and even Indian food. It’s also nice to have recreational Cannabis delivery. Marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado and the city of Denver for almost 10 years. During that time, many different recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in the Denver area. I am close to five different places that offer delivery. With the price of gas continuing to rise, I feel very lucky that the cannabis store offers free delivery services. I am hopeful that the price of gas will eventually return to a reasonable amount.

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The scenery was more than amazing in San Francisco

I hate to spend a lot of money.

My wife constantly gives me a hard time, because she thinks that I am cheap.

I prefer to go on vacation once each year during the summer. For the past couple of years, we have gone camping. Camping is a fun activity and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. We can rent a campsite for $25 each night and we can make our own food right at the site. We don’t have to spend a ton of money for lodging, dinners, or entertainment. That is my idea of the perfect vacation. We still have a lot of fun, but we don’t spend a fortune. When my wife mentioned going to San Francisco for a week, I immediately shot that idea down. I knew that but a week in San Francisco was going to cost thousands of dollars. My wife continued to look at plans and she secretly booked a hotel for the two of us. The email confirmation came to her email, but I found the charge on the credit card. My wife immediately confessed to making plans to go to San Francisco. I realized how much the trip meant to her, so we agreed to go to the city with a couple of ground rules on spending. Of course, all of those rules went right out the window when I realized that our hotel was situated right next door to a marijuana dispensary. I’m sure my wife planned that on purpose, because I wanted to go inside the dispensary to look at everything. I purchased several different marijuana items from the dispensary and my wife brought that up every time she wanted to spend money in San Francisco.

Weed San Fransisco California

One of the many coupons was from a weed delivery service

San Francisco is a beautiful city filled with history, culture, and nightlife.

  • One of my favorite places in San Francisco is the wharf.

On a cold day, a hot bread bowl filled with clam chowder is one of the best things that I can think of. My wife and I went to the wharf last weekend. It was a cold day, but there was a little bit of sun shining in the sky behind the clouds. My wife and I found a place close to the wharf to park the car. The San Francisco parking garage was $20 for the whole day, but it was safe, secure, and there was a guard at the parking lot all day. We spent most of our day on the wharf. We visited many of the different shops and we picked up fudge, salt water taffy, and a couple of postcards to send to friends. We picked up a booklet with coupons for the San Francisco area. One of the many coupons was from a weed delivery service. My wife and I didn’t plan to go to the marijuana delivery service. We don’t smoke weed or use any recreational drugs. We left all of the coupons inside of a bag and we placed the bag in the garbage. If someone wants to fetch it out to take advantage of the coupons, they are more than welcome to dive in the dumpster. It wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but someone else might want to take advantage of the weekly weed sales.

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My daughter wants an apartment with a programmable thermostat

My daughter Sara decided from a young age that she wanted to become a nurse. She fell in love with nursing because my sister (her favorite aunt) is a nurse. My sister encourages Sara and has been great in giving her advice on the best way to pursue the career. I am grateful that Sara has the guidance that she needs because I know nothing about nursing. With the help of my sister, Sara was able to get into Washington State University College of Nursing. Prior to starting school, we decided to tour the campus and the area just to get an idea of where Sara will be spending her college years. The college campus is beautiful and so is the city of Spokane. I absolutely fell in love with the downtown area. The only thing I didn’t love was how cold the temperature was when we were there. I hope that Sara is ready to battle the brutal Winters. Hopefully, when she finds housing, it has a good heating system. We looked at a few places while we toured, and I must admit that the inside of most of them were warm and toasty. That was the most important thing on Sara’s list – having a warm apartment to seek refuge from the cold. She especially loved one apartment because it has a programmable thermostat that she could access from anywhere. So, she could turn on the furnace before she gets home from school. If we get that apartment, I am sure that Sara will be using this programmable thermostat every day. She is going to need to stay warm in those brutal Winter months.

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