Author: Paulina

The lady was devastated by the news

Every once in a while, a customer is absolutely shocked and surprised to hear that they need a new heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner. I absolutely hate to be the person to deliver the bad news, but that is part of my job. I work in the repair industry as a service technician for […]

I called the HVAC company for help with the AC

I had a party at my home and I invited lots of friends from the neighborhood. I had a house full of people when the AC broke down. I was embarrassed, sad, and devastated. I didn’t know who to call. One of my neighbors suggested a company in Tampa Bay that handles weekend HVAC repairs. […]

Blue dream can be a hard strain to find

That’s when I try to stock up for the next month I’ve been a marijuana smoker most of my life and I can say with certainty that I am happy to finally have legal recreational marijuana available in my area. I honestly didn’t think it would happen while I was alive. I knew it would […]