Author: Paulina

For the Love of Performing Art

Iris was always the unsettled one in school. She would get in so much trouble because she was always exploring and entertaining everyone else, most of whom the school administration thought was a nuisance to them. It turns out that my friend was onto something none of us knew, performing art. She was very creative […]

Hiking Mount Spokane with my girlfriend

My girlfriend and I had an annual challenge to go hiking together no matter how busy we were. We always planned so that both of us could cancel our schedules and ensure that the set days were free to do just that. We were both business executives in busy industries, and it was not easy […]

Famous Folks from Buffalo

Many people may not realize that Buffalo New York has been home to tons of famous people. From artists to politicians to great business minds, Buffalo has been home to them all. Despite the fact that Buffalo often has extremely harsh Winters, most of the people who have ever lived in Buffalo will tell you […]