Vacation that should go to Lakeland

My entire family is trying to host a family party over the summer, they want to rent out a immense house and all the people stays together, but it will be my parents, sisters and sibling in laws, uncle and uncle, cousin and her wife, and my other cousin and her partner, also there will be a total of eight children all under the age of 8.

It is going to be a packed house and everything will be crammed together, and luckily my family isn’tone that looks for cheap accommodations! Nobody would share a room to save a quick buck.

That has my partner quite worried… She is worried the costs are going to be obscene, my friend and I have the house, meals, activities, cars, and a lot of unexpected expenses coming up. The only fantastic thing I can say is that this house rental is going to happen in the state of FL. My family doesn’t want to travel too far to see all the people, right now my cousin’s wife is taking the wheel on researching. That is worrisome since she isn’t fantastic at it. The places she has found are total dumps and right in the heart of the city. I easily like the look of Lakeland, FL for our family trip. There are a lot of things to do there, it looks safe, and I found a large house that is giant. I really believe it would be a classy, family friendly location. I have put Lakeland out there and gotten some fantastic hits. However, my cousin’s wife is more vocal than me and is pushing strenuous in a weird area.

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