Worked out to set up heated flooring when I moved to Lowell

Lowell, MA gets pretty chilly in the winter time time… I have prepared properly though.

I have made sure to outfit my entire home with radiant flooring.

It made sense, when I moved to Lowell I bought a new home with old flooring; They had hideous beige rugs in there that just had to go. I wanted to have all tile floors that were self-explanatory to wash up when my dog vomited or had an accident. I also like the look of tile a lot better, and did you know tile is a better conductor of heat than rug? Makes sense it would get warmer faster. Also redoing your flooring is the only con with radiant flooring, since I was doing it anyway, it was like fate was telling me I was meant to have radiant floors in MA. So I called an MA heating company to take care of the job. I did all the carpet removal and got it down to the bare studs. I then added stone board and had the heating company take over. They added electric heated mats over the stone board that I then sealed in with my new tile. I worried I would need to add a bunch of throw rugs to make my home feel cozier in the winter. With radiant heating it works so well that it is totally unnecessary. It really heats anything that touches it. So it is like having a heated couch, chair, and bed with this system. I also adore no hot and chilly spots or other cons of forced air.


Lowell Massachusetts Hydronic heater